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Graffi’s Hipster first release – .jsx script for cropping square and an action to run it

The square crop

is a hallmark of the latest style in digital pictures: retro, Instagram-ish, hipster looking images. However, cropping an image to a perfect square is actually pretty tricky to pull off, programming speaking. Automating the process is impossible to do without a program to do the math for you. Read more →


The 12 Days of Christmas Starts Tomorrow, Saturday Dec 13!

The 12 Days of Christmas are almost here! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout – because my 12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow, Saturday December 13! This year, there is a wider variety of things that will be available. I’m including everything from actions to brush sets to layer styles, tossing in some Lightroom presets, and… Read more →

Graffi's Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

7 Cool Reasons to Try Graffi’s Sampler Pack for FREE!

Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11 – 13 is out, with a sampling of photo effects from 7 of the most popular sets available in the Graffishop Read more →


New Lightroom Presets coming down the pike

Grab a sample from this brand-new set below, load it into Lightroom, and see what you think. Hit me up on any of my social media links, and I’ll definitely get back to you Share it with one of the social links on this page, and get a 10% coupon code instantly! Hipster [toy camera] Sample Wow! Downloaded 213 times… Read more →


Fake HDR Effect (Action for Photoshop or Elements)

i’m slowly adding more actions to this blog as my obligations to my “real” jobs finally eases up a bit (corporate downsizing and reorganizing only means that the ones who remain have to do twice the work). This effect creates another fake HDR (high dynamic range) effect, which means that the image looks sharper, brighter, crisper and more contrast-y. It will… Read more →


Set of 21 Layer Styles for Download

Here’s a set of 21 layer styles that have been laying around the workshop for awhile. There’s a variety of designs here that you can use on text, shapes, or anything else you add to your graphics. Read more →