Lightroom Presets Collection


Three Lightroom preset packs containing a total of 62 presets. Use these to create awesome vintage, retro, film style black and white or color images.

This group contains three of the most popular downloads in the store:

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A collection of Lightroom Presets for creating beautiful vintage, retro, colorful and black and white images

Another Sample using the Chapel Hill preset
Toy Camera looks

These presets have been created especially for recreating a vintage retro Instagram-ish look. Please check out the samples gallery to see some examples of them in action.

To get them into Lightroom, simply choose the [Load] button in your Lightroom Develop Module.

Like every preset, the final result is easily adjustable. Check the Samples Galleries below for examples of these presets in use.

Have fun, and can you guess the naming conventions for these presets?


Retro lo-fi photo effects with the flexibility of Lightroom!

So, you want more lo-fi old-school retro vintage photo effects? Check out Hipster – Vintage ii Lightroom Preset Pack!

There are 21 more color and black and white lo-fi vintage-style presets included here, and they all are completely re-tweakable once you’ve applied them to your images.

With this set, you get color shifts, fading, softening, grainy and vignetted looks similar to the old snapshots you might find in that old shoebox tucked way up on the top shelf in the back of the closet.

These presets will make the necessary adjustments on your image without damaging the originals, and they will give you cool vintage retro looks each time. Lightroom presets offer far more flexibility and creative freedom than a simple push-a-button filter on your smart phone or computer. Every aspect of your image can be adjusted by you to create the specific look you want using these presets as a starting point.


Retro hipster cool toy camera effects with the flexibility of Lightroom!

Are you a fan of old-school, retro, plastic toy camera effects like the ones from back in the 60s and 70s? Then this Lightroom Preset Pack is for you!

There are 18 color and black and white vintage-style presets included here, and all are completely re-tweakable once you’ve applied them to your image. With this set, you get those unique vignettes, color shifts, hue and tone affectations, grainy & slightly-blurry-around-the-edges looks that plastic camera makers like Holga, Diana, Lomo, Vivitar, Windsor and Polaroid gave us back in the day.

Additional information

How many presets are there in this bundle?

There are a total of 62 presets in all three Hipster series Lightroom preset packs


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