Handy Actions for Photoshop Elements 6-14

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Your Swiss Army Knife for Photoshop Elements – 64 of the most-requested tools, adjustment layers and extra horsepower from Photoshop!


Updated for Photoshop Elements 14

Photoshop Elements is simply incomplete without your Swiss Army Knife for Elements: Graffi\’s Handy Actions! Handy Actions includes tools and extras only found in Photoshop – a total of 64 extra adjustments, tools and timesavers!

Handy Actions is a self-installing action pack set for Windows versions of Photoshop Elements and is also available as a manual-install edition for Mac & Photoshop users:

The newest version is compatible with Elements 11 – 13 (separate installer included in download), and adds a few adjustment layers not available in earlier versions of Elements like Curves, Channel Mixer, Black and White, Vibrance, Selective Color and Exposure.Also included is an installer for Elements 6 – 10, and a manual set for Mac and Photoshop users, so you can choose just the actions you want to install.

Handy Actions for Photoshop Elements gives you a lot of horsepower at an affordable price!

See the full listing and descriptions of included Handy Actions here!

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is here, and it has a much different look in Elements. Now there are three color curves to manipulate, and a histogram shows in the background. You can change this display to see pigment outputs instead of the default light, you can increase or decrease the grid size for easier manipulation, eyedroppers help find the black, median and white points (and you can toggle on and off clipping, to see just those values), and there are options for changing the preferences for how Curves works by choosing what it looks for (contrast, light and darkness). If you want even more control, there\’s a pencil tool to draw the curve you want, and you can save and load any settings you create or find on the web or share with others. The Handy Actions pack comes with the standard Curves tool, plus two commonly-used presets: an ‘S’-curve, and an Inverted ‘S’-curve for quick adjustments.

Add-O-Matic will load any presets for Curves (*.acv files) that you download with just a drag and a drop. This is a photographer\’s dream tool!

Another tool available with this pack is the Channel Mixer, and it also has had a facelift from earlier versions. You can save and load presets (a set of Channel Mixer presets is included in the download), adjust individual channels, choose color or monochrome output, and create excellent Black and White output.

Add-O-Matic will load presets for the Channel Mixer (*.cha files) that you download with just a drag and a drop. This is a photographer\’s dream tool. There are numerous places online to find Channel Mixer presets. Use your favorite search engine to hunt for \”Photoshop Channel Mixer .cha preset\”.

These tools alone – combined with the Layer Mask – are simply a can\’t-go-wrong addition to Elements. But with the Handy Actions booster pack for Photoshop Elements, there are numerous actions that can help boost your creativity, productivity, expertise and enjoyment of Photoshop Elements.


Handy Actions is available in a few different configurations

  • For Windows Photoshop Elements users, the recommended installation type is to use one of the included installer packs. They will put the actions and their corresponding support files in the correct Elements file structure for you and display them in the Effects palette. Elements 6 – 10 users will also find the actions in the Actions Player, and Elements 11-13 users will also find them conveniently loaded in the Actions palette.
  • If you use Mac Elements or full Photoshop (or are an advanced Windows Elements user), you can use the manual install option. It includes all the actions (including a full action set for the Actions palette / player) as well as all supporting files and installation information for Elements.

Additional information

Photoshop Elements support?

Yes, this version is Handy Actions for Photoshop Elements versions 6 – 14

Is there an Auto-Installer?

Yes! Included in the Download (There are 2 Handy Actions installers – 1 for Elements 6-10 & 1 for Elements 11-13)

Is there a Manual Install option?

Yes! Files and instructions for Handy Actions manual installation are included in the download

Number of Actions Included



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