Graffi’s Add-O-Matic & Handy Actions Bundle


Add-O-Matic 12 and Handy Actions 13 together in a single download, for Windows Elements 6-13 (Add-O-Matic is for Elements 11 & 12 & Lightroom only)


for Photoshop
Elements 11&12

Add-O-MaticHandy ActionsGraffi’s two most popular products bundled together and offered for a discount price!

Get Add-O-Matic & Handy Actions bundled together in a single download, and save a few bucks!

[This download is for Windows Elements versions 11 & 12 only]


Additional information

Photoshop Elements support?

Add-O-Matic for Photoshop Elements 11 & 12 & Lightroom; Handy Actions for Photoshop Elements 6 – 13

Is there an Auto-Installer?

Yes! Included in the Download (There are 2 Handy Actions installers – 1 for Elements 6-10 & 1 for Elements 11-13, Windows Elements only)

Is there a Manual Install option?

Yes! Files and instructions for Handy Actions manual installation are included in the download

Number of Effects Included

Handy Actions = 62; Add-O-Matic = infinite!


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