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12 photo editing tutorials for replacing dull skies

We’ve all been that fortunate situation where almost every element of a photograph comes together; the composition, the landscape, the lighting, the subject.

But there’s just one thing holding the picture back; the sky. And unfortunately it’s completely out of your control. Or is it?

If you have a photograph that’s let down by a flat, boring or dull sky, it is within your control to replace it with skies that are more sympathetic to the rest of your image, creating a more eye-popping shot.

The below tutorials will ensure that you have the ability to make the dull skies that plague your photography a thing of the past

Graffi’s Note:  My tutorials for replacing the sky can be found here and here!

1. Replacing skies for beginners

For those who have Photoshop CS4 or CS5, this five minute video tutorial is your step-by-step guide to replacing a burnt-out sky that lacks detail.

2. How to replace a so-so sky with a standout sky

12 photo editing tutorials for replacing dull skies: 02. How to replace a so-so sky with a standout sky

David Peterson is a man who understands how disheartening it can be to have an otherwise good landscape shot let down by a sky that has no punch. In this tutorial he shows you how it can be replaced with a more interesting sky in Photoshop Elements.

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12 photo editing tutorials for replacing dull skies: 03. Photoshop CS6 replacing skies

3. Photoshop CS6 replacing skies

This official Adobe tutorial presented by Richard Harrington details how to replace blown out skies with an alternate backdrop. In order to make it look realistic, Richard also demonstrates how to apply colour spill to bring out details and ensure that the composite matches.

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