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air drop

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air drop

That small black speck on the right isn’t a bird, it was a military transport circling overhead. Walking between Boscombe and Bournemouth we saw it going backwards and forwards over the sea before eventually dropping it’s load.

A big container came out of the back suspended by 4 parachutes, followed by a lone parachutist. Immediately the sea below became a flurry of activity with loads of boats all speeding about waiting to pick up whatever it was that got chucked out the back of the plane. We reckon it was the Special Boat Service, operating out of Poole, on manoeuvres or something. All very exciting.

Not that this bloke noticed, he was oblivious. Far too busy roasting himself and catching some z’s, completely missing out on the whole spectacle.

[from Graffi's That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]