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New Hipster Effects Pack samples

Just uploaded the new gallery of candidate Hipster effects:

Graffi’s new Hipster Action fx set, + javascript.

all effects create a duplicate image with all layers intact, and install a javascript for simple square cropping – a hallmark of the Hipster look.

Feedback requested!

Photoshop/Elements Video Tutorial: 3 Retro Photo Effects

Give your photos a nostalgic look with these three retro photo effects! This tutorial will show you how to create three photo effects using professional non-destructive editing techniques. You’ll learn the Photoshop recipes for creating a printed photo look, a photo effect very similar to the popular Instagram Nashville effect, and a warm nostalgic effect that can give your photos a warm sunset color effect.

Various Bokeh Effects Techniques in Photoshop

A nice and simple tutorial on how to create different types and styles of bokeh. Includes information on using different opacities and shapes.

Stylish Color Effects with Alpha Channel

Material Image Sometime we are unable to turn a photograph into color effects of painting by simply using the Photoshop. This tutorial provides a simple method of achieving that color effect and alpha channel.

Type: Photoshop Tutorials
Level: Beginner

Graffi’s Photo Effects Image Galleries

Below are some image galleries featuring some of Graffi’s images created using the Effects Packs for Photoshop Elements, all of which can be found here.

Graffi’s Photo Lab

Graffi’s Glam Photo

Graffi’s Focal Point Action Set

Graffi’s Hipster Action Set

Graffi’s Hipster Light Leaks Action Set

Graffi’s Photo Filters

How to Change the Default Add-O-Matic thumbnail for Effects (Actions)


Add-O-Matic generic thumbnail Add-O-Matic for Photoshop Elements users have written asking about how to change the default blue Add-O-Matic thumbnail into something a little more descriptive or indicative of what the effect actually produces.

Let me first explain why there’s a generic Add-O-Matic Photoshop Elements thumbnail in the first place: When a new effect is added to Photoshop Elements, Elements doesn’t have the slightest clue as to what the effect is or what the final result of running it should be. Therefore, a simple generic thumbnail is inserted as a placeholder, allowing the special Add-O-Matic category to display that there actually is an effect there, and it’s called “xxxx.atn”.

Replacing this generic thumbnail is doable, and I’ve finally gotten around to writing out the steps to accomplish it.

ShowNames15 Before you start, though, ask yourself if you really want a new thumbnail or do you just want to see what the name of it is?

ShowNames25   If it’s the latter, there’s a very simple solution already available: click the mini-menu from the upper right corner of the Effects palette and toggle on the “Show Names” option.

The Effects palette will display a truncated name beneath each thumbnail in any of the sections of the Effects palette. That’s the quick 2-second approach!

For a more permanent solution, though, you might want to create a unique thumbnail indicative of the effect the action produces, and force a rebuild of Elements’ internal thumbnail database. Here’s how:

(Let me just state this for the lawyers out there:  if you do this, and you do something incorrectly and/or you don’t let your database rebuild and/or the database rebuilds, but your thumbnails are screwy and/or anything else funky happens to your installation of Elements, your computer, your network, your garage door opener, your microwave, or anything else, it isn’t my fault – consider yourselves warned!)

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s a pretty simple, albeit time-consuming, process:

  1. Locate the action that you want to create a new thumbnail for, and get the exact name from the *.atn file you dragged into Add-O-Matic. (this is important!)
  2. Create the image that you want to use as the thumbnail, save it in .png format, and name it exactly the same as the action (*.atn) file that it represents. For example, I recently uploaded an action here named  Retro 3D Text.atn.  I created an image using this action and saved it to my desktop, naming it Retro 3D Text.png 
  3. Navigate to the folder where Elements keeps all actions, thumbnails,&  metadata files for all effects (*\Program Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\8.0\Photo Creations\photo effects) and drag your new thumbnail in, overwriting the .png file that already exists with the same name:  you want to replace it, right? So overwrite it!
  4. Now you need to force Elements to see the new thumbnail.  That means you have to make Elements forget what the original thumbnail looked like. To do that, you need to delete the internal thumbnail database and make Elements build itself a new one.
  5. Navigate to *\Program Data\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\8.0  and delete or rename the database file  called  ThumbDatabase.db3.  This is the information store that Elements uses to know what each and every thumbnail looks like, what file it references, and where it lives within your installation.
  6. Start Elements. The database will rebuild itself, and it will take 20 minutes or more for it to go through the entire Elements catalog, locate thumbnails, figure out what they belong to,where they reside, and record all that information into a brand spanking new, bright & shiny thumbnail database file. You’ll see a progress bar that looks like this:
  7. When your cursor stops flickering and it appears that the thumbnails are where they should be, close & restart Elements again just to lock everything in place.

newthumb5 Doing the steps above, I made a new thumbnail .png for the action I mentioned above, saved it to the photo effects directory, rebuilt the thumbnails database, and now my Add-O-Matic category displays the updated image:

I’ve also created an automated way to perform these steps, and I’m currently working on incorporating it into a future release of Add-O-Matic. I’m hesitant to bring it out into the light right now, though. Maybe I can be convinced – what’s a utility like this worth..?

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th edition, starting with the first Add-O-Matic from way back for Photoshop Elements 5, and it is still the most popular Elements utility available! 

New Now Add-O-Matic now will put all your Lightroom presets away for you, too!
You can grab an Add-O-Matic fast-n-easy by clicking the button below:

For Photoshop Elements 11-12
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For Photoshop Elements 6-10

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On the Sixth Day of Christmas – Graduated Neutral Density Filters Download!

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Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters - Effects

Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters – in the Photoshop Elements Effects palette

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Graffi gave to me – a brand new Photoshop / Photoshop Elements Graduated Neutral Density Filters Action Effects set!

In photography, one of the most useful lens filters you can own is a graduated neutral density filter. This filter is shaded in a gradient and can be rotated around the lens to accommodate exposure variances, usually in the sky that is brighter than the subject. The idea is that you can set your exposure on a certain point of your image, but there may be another part that is over exposed (like a bright sky, bright snow or sand, or a light source). You can rotate the graduated neutral density filter around the lens until you reach the overexposed area, and the filter knocks the exposure back a stop or two, graduating it back to your properly exposed area.

This action set simulates the graduated neutral density filter, and includes 8 actions – one for each point of your image (top, top right, right, bottom right, bottom, bottom left. left, and top left). They blend the overexposed area back into the correctly exposed area, and as mentioned above, are incredibly useful on landscape photography or beach or snow photos.

Get the Graduated Neutral Density Filters for free before they are available in the Graffishop!

Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters – in the Photoshop Elements Actions palette

This download includes a Photoshop action set that can be loaded into the Actions palette, and all the individual actions, thumbnails & .xml files that Photoshop Elements needs to put them into the Effects palette. There’s even an installer for Windows versions of Elements 11-13 that will do all the installation work for you!

They’re free for the 12 Days of Christmas, and will appear in the Graffishop once this promotion ends. If you like them, share your review in the Graffishop and get a coupon code good for up to 20% off your next visit!

Graduated Neutral Density Filters Wow! Downloaded 46 times so far!

15 Project Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

Photography has never been as popular as it is today. People of all ages learn photography in various schools and online universities, and lots of talented photographers have a wonderful opportunity to reveal themselves not only as artists, but also as teachers.

Alex Eylar

By Alex Eylar

Like all creatives, photographers can sometimes experience creative block or a lack of interesting ideas, no matter what side of the school desk they are sitting on. One way for photography mentors and teachers to fight this problem is through the use of creative assignments.

In this article I’ve put together 15 creative project ideas to use in your photography class (if you are a teacher) or for yourself. When completed properly, a student assignment is a great teaching tool. If it’s well-designed and structured, it enables students to develop their technical skills and artistic vision, as well as improve their general thinking abilities and subject knowledge. So whether you’re a photography teacher looking for effective assignment ideas or a self-taught photography student focused on training your eye and critical vision, this roundup will surely come in handy.

15 Photography Ideas to try as we head into 2015

On the FIRST Day of Christmas – a Free Download: Snowfall Action Effect!

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Snowfall_Effect free download

the Snowfall Effect in the Elements Effects palette

On the FIRST Day of Christmas, Graffi gave to me – a free download! This Snowfall action is slightly different from the version included n Photoshop Elements in that it leaves the snowfall layer intact so you can manipulate it however you want it.

Note: It works best on images that are roughly 1200 – 1500 pixels on their long edge, so you may want to try resizing your image if the effect isn’t what you were hoping for. The smaller the image, the fatter the snowflakes will be..

The Snowfall action was previously available only in the (now discontinued) FunFotoFXaction pack.

Included in the download are the action, a .png thumbnail, a metafile.xl, and installation instructions

Snowfall Wow! Downloaded 42 times so far!

If you use Photoshop Elements 6 – 12, you can add this and many other types of add-ons with just a click and a drag with the Add-O-Matic, the #1 utility for Photoshop Elements! Find it in the Graffishop, or grab yours hassle-free with one of the links below:

Add-O-Matic for Elements 11-12 & Lightroom

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Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10

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Christmas Design in Adobe Photoshop – Red and Gold Christmas Ball on Stars Background

I guess it’s about time to get started on some holiday cards for the rapidly-approaching end-of-year season…

Here’s a link to making some decorations

Red and Gold Christmas Ball on Stars Background.

…and speaking of holidays – don’t forget to give yourself some of the new Graffi photo effect sets (and an Add-O-Matic, too!)

12 Days of Christmas coming soon!
Both here in my Blog and in the Graffishop, special things will be happening during the 12 Days of Christmas! Stay tuned!