How To Create Two of the Same Person in One Photograph Using Photoshop

This is a fun twist on portraiture that can often tell a bit more of a story about your subject, by allowing them to reveal two or more sides to their personality. It’s an old photography trick used in the days of the darkroom, and now with modern technology can be done in minutes with […]

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The Photography Filters Cheat Sheet

Think photography filters are a thing of the past? Think again! Just because you can edit in Photoshop your photos doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some tweaks in-camera. This handy infographic from Zippi shows you how to use photo filters effectively to improve your images and get the results you want: Read more →


4 Tips to Help you Decide Between Black and White or Color for your Image

Why do black and white photographs speak to us? In nature, colors are meant to attract, and cause things to catch our attention. Still, even without color, black and white images are a mainstay of our craft, and are powerful representations of the artistic spirit. There are many differing opinions when it comes to black and white Read more →

Quick Photoshop Secret: How To Enhance Details Beautifully

A simple technique for beautifully enhancing the textures and other details in your photography.

Post syndicated from 500px

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Lightroom Develop Module: 6 powerful ways to develop a raw file

In our latest Adobe Lightroom tutorial we show you how to get to grips with the most essential module in Lightroom and discover new and powerful ways to enhance your raw files Read more →

7 Street Photography Rules That Should Be Broken

There is an all-too-common path that many people follow when they begin to practice street photography. They grab their camera, go to the busiest place they can find, and capture people head-on over and over again. While this is certainly something that you should do, it is not the only thing. I want to dispel a few […]

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The Amateur’s Guide to Photography

Don’t Read the Manual OK, I’m assuming you all know how to take a photo with your camera and have fully read the manual… …nope, nor did I! You got your camera out of its box and charged it up and started snapping on auto ASAP. I’m the same with anything new, to be honest. […] Read more →


8 portrait posing tricks to improve body shape and hide unflattering features

In this portrait posing tutorial we show you eight posing tricks you can try on any subject to improve body shape, conceal unflattering features and make them look their best.

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6 Tips to Find Undiscovered Photography Locations in Your City

There’s nothing quite like the rush of finding photography locations that look amazing in photos but have not been fully discovered by others just yet. Ask any photographer about unique locations, and most likely they will cringe a bit at the thought of giving up their secrets

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Firecracker Sale! From 7/01 - 7/05, save 25% on everything at the Graffishop

Firecracker Sale! From 7/01 – 7/05, save 25% on everything at the Graffishop

Firecracker Sale!

From 7/01 – 7/05, save 25% on everything at the Graffishop

This Independence Day, head over to the Graffishop and check out my collections of Photoshop & Photoshop Elements action sets, Lightroom presets, and a lot of one-off singles.

Happy Independence Day!

I’m declaring the entire Graficalicus site independent of silly high prices that others charge, and independent from the large companies that produce Photoshop and Elements and Lightroom add-ons!

Keep it Local! Keep it Affordable!  Keep it quality!

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