Three Tips to Help you Capture Beauty in the Everyday Moments

When it comes to creating family photo albums, there can be a tendency to create a book filled with your family’s “greatest hits”, the best moments of the year, if you will. Of course, those special moments like birthdays, vacations, and that one perfect Christmas card photo are important to include, but for most of us, they really don’t do a good job of capturing the little moments that make up the majority of our lives.


The other day, I was looking through a photo album with my four-year-old daughter Lizzy. As usual she skipped right past all the formal photos of her and her sister, and went right to a candid snapshot of her crying on the floor when she was about two. She’s heard the story of why I took that photo a number of times, but she always asks to hear it again, and so I told her;

“You were crying because I made us blackberry cobbler with whipped cream for breakfast one morning, can you believe that? I thought it would be a special treat, but you just wanted cereal like you had every day, and you were so mad at me that I’d made you something else!”

up the crack on Boscombe Pier

lomomowlem has added a photo to the pool:

up the crack on Boscombe Pier

That funny shaped, curly tube thing in the middle was actually a percussion instrument. It was one of a number of musical chimes, tubular bells, xylophones and glockenspiels dotted about the place.

The really cool thing was that no matter who played them, inquisitive adults or even hyperactive, mentalist kids, the resulting sound was still quite smooth and zen-like. Perfect accompaniment to a gentle stroll along the pier.

[from Graffi's That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]