Photoshop Tutorial: Selective Color Manipulation

In this video, Bryan O’Neil Hughes explains how to use selective coloring in your photos using Photoshop:

Most people who have a bit of knowledge of using Photoshop know about the Hue/Saturation tool and might think selective color is easy. But try doing this quickly on a selective area of the photo and you might realize that it’s not so simple after all.

6 Photography Projects to do With Your Kids

DPS_intro2 copy

Her eyes were like saucers as joy filled them wide. You could already sense the smile that was about to land upon her face.

She was becoming a photographer like mommy.

It was always my intention to pass along my old point-and-shoot camera to my daughter, but it wasn’t until she turned four years old that I found her asking to take pictures more and more and I felt like she was ready to inherit this gift.

As a mom perhaps you’ve found the camera to be an amazing source of discovering passion and purpose through documenting memories of your family. Photography is a hobby you can easily squeeze into your busy days of caring for your kids and tending to your family.

But the joy can come full circle as your children want to take pictures too. Through the lens I’ve found deeper more meaningful connections with my family as we snuggle up together and flip through old albums or go on photo taking adventures together.

Dodging and Burning to Create More Effective Black and White Images

With the huge assortment of software and plugins you have at your disposal these days, the photo processing technique of burning and dodging is practically ancient. It was (and still is) one of the most common ways of enhancing film images in the darkroom, and everyone from Ansel Adams to Imogen Cunningham used it.


They used it because it is powerful and simple and still is to this day. With all the complicated plugins and post-processing procedures you have at your disposal, you won’t get any better bang for the buck than creative dodging and burning.

This tutorial with show you  how I do dodging and burning in Photoshop, for black and white images. I’ll save another article for you about using the technique for your color images. First, though, let’s make sure we all know what dodging and burning is.

Fall Photography Tips

Fall is upon us and that means it’s time to take some memorable foliage photos. The turning leaves create vibrant multicolor scenes that almost photograph themselves. The vivid gold, orange, green, and red colors provide many photographic possibilities, but it’s up to the photographer to capture and frame these elements into a pleasing piece of art.

fall season photography

Professional photographers using high-end equipment have produced breathtaking views of fall, but if you do your homework and follow a few simple steps you can do the same even with a modest camera.

Location, Location, Location

The first and most important step is to carefully choose your locations. Ideally this should be done before the leaves start to turn to give you more prep time, but as with most things, it’s better late than never.

It’s best to find 3 to 5 locations close to—or on the way to—where you live or work. This approach gives you options and also allows you to quickly take advantage of ever-changing light and weather conditions.

Choose locations that have a variety of tree species. The contrasting colors combined with the proper light can provide a gorgeous setting. The times just after sunrise and early evening generally work best.

Look for Big and Small

While you are scouting for, or shooting at you locations don’t forget to look for small objects. A collection of leaves on the ground can sometimes be more artistic than an array of multicolor trees in the distance.

Try to look at your location from every possible angle in order to take advantage of less than obvious shots. Also look for opportunities to capture reflections. Many times a scene’s beauty can double if it is also seen from a reflective lake, pond, or river.

Steady Does It

Create a Spooky Forest Setting in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll be creating a spooky cottage in the woods using Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn about a range of photo manipulation tools, and will see how you can add visual effects to convey a Halloween mood. So get ready to add an atmosphere of terror and dread to this quaint little cottage in the woods!

Create a Spooky Forest Setting in Adobe Photoshop

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