9 creative photo ideas to try in August

As part of our ongoing series to help you get more creative with your digital camera, each month we publish some fun, seasonal, creative photo ideas to help inspire your imagination. Along with some amazing images, we’ve also provided some quick photography tips by both amateur and professional photographers who are experts in these fields.

We’re kicking off August with a new list of exciting projects like shooting a summer garden, black and white travel photography, zen scenes, food preparation and many more.

9 creative photo ideas to try in August 2014

Hipster Effects: it’s 1975 this weekend!

Dig It! It’s a Hipster Retro weekend! So pretend it’s 1975 again – and pay 1975 prices for everything!

Now through Sunday August 3, you can get everything in the Graffishop at an absolutely retro-tastic price reduction of 77% – that’s roughly what everything would have cost were it available back in 1975!


21 Lightroom Presets for that Retro, Lo-Fi look

Hipster [vintage ii] for Lightroom drops TODAY, my friends, with all 21 of its lo-fi retro vintage style presets  – and it partners well with Hipster [vintage i] & Hipster [toy camera]

So you say you don’t have Lightroom, but you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? No worries – there’s a slew of retro vintage lo-fi effects (actions) for you too. You can find them all here

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6 essential Lightroom edits you can apply to every image

In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial we’ll show you six fundamental edits that you can apply to any picture you take.

6 essential Lightroom edits you can apply to every image

One of the main difficulties when learning how to use an image editing tool, a new camera, or almost any new technology, is how to get started. Let’s face it, the best part of having a new thing is using it, not reading about it.

Most of us don’t want to sift through the manual and spend hours learning every feature of our new purchase, we just want to get to grips with a few fundamentals and dive in.

The problem is, how do we know what those essentials are? With Adobe Lightroom, there are so many features and tools that beginners can quickly become lost.

Hipster [vintage ii] Lightroom Presets set to drop Thursday 7-31

They’ll be available tomorrow21 Lightroom Presets that give your photos That Retro, Lo-Fi Look


21 Lightroom Presets for that Retro, Lo-Fi look

Special intro pricing will be announced REALLY SOON…..  including bundles, freebies, and social sharing specials!

4 Steps to Less Stressful and Easier Photo Editing

Have you ever returned to your computer with a memory card full of photos and become overwhelmed at the idea of going through all of them?

Tree starburst

The thought of sorting and analyzing so many pictures can seem so daunting it’s sometimes hard to even know where to start! Often we find ourselves copying the contents of our cameras to our computers and letting our precious memories collect digital dust, though we promise ourselves we will get around to organizing them – someday. Modern technology has made this task easier, with various software and cloud-based services even promising to find your best photos for you. And while these digital assistants certainly have merit, I like to take a different approach to dealing with all the images I capture.

The following tips will help you streamline your photography workflow and make the task of sifting through your images not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable too. While I work mostly in Adobe Lightroom, these general practices will apply no matter which photo editing software you use.

How to focus a portrait: get pin-sharp eyes in 3 easy steps

Learn how to focus a portrait and capture pin-sharp eyes with our simple step-by-step tutorial and expert camera focusing techniques.

How to focus a portrait: get pin-sharp eyes in 3 easy steps

Portrait photography often means using a wide aperture and longer focal lengths to create a shallow depth of field, throwing the background out of focus.

This makes focusing more important than usual, as sharpness is captured across a very narrow plane, often of just an inch or two.

On top of this, you have a moving subject, so focusing on precisely the right point at precisely the right moment is crucial.

Follow these focusing tips for perfectly sharp portraits every time.