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How to do More Unique Flower Photography

Do you love to photograph flowers? Flowers are the most beautiful things to photograph. They have texture, color and come in wonderful shapes.

MBeaty 2

To create unique flower photography:

  • Use a 50mm or a telephoto lens.
  • Photograph with backlighting to enhance the transparency of the petals.
  • Choose camera angle carefully – photograph from below to obtain unusual shapes, photograph at eye-level to create a realistic look.
  • Get closer – try making an abstract
  • Look for great backgrounds – declutter the is using bokeh and a shallow depth of field.
  • Quality and color of light – photograph under diffused lighting, during the golden hour, or with the sun at an angle to enhance color, texture and depth.

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Get Creative with Displacement Maps in Photoshop

Creating a film noir look with a displacement map in Photoshop.

Creating a film noir look with a displacement map in Photoshop.

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7 best color controls in Photoshop (and how to use them)

Whether you want to supercharge your colours or change them completely, find out how with our guide to the best colour controls in Photoshop.

7 best colour controls in Photoshop (and how to use them)

Best Photoshop colour tools: 01 Hue/Saturation and Vibrance

On the face of it, Hue/Saturation and Vibrance are two of the easiest colour tools to master, but they have hidden depths. Each can be applied as an adjustment layer.

You can use Hue/Saturation to either change the shade and intensity of all the colours in an image, or choose different colour ranges from the menu at the top.

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How to focus a camera: your 5-point checklist for sharp images

Focussing needs thought. You can tell the serious photographer from the snapper by the amount of thought they give to this process, even with the highly sophisticated autofocus systems now found on modern cameras.

As with so much to do with digital cameras, you get the best results from autofocus if you take control of it and direct it, rather than relying on the well-meaning, but ultimately impersonal electronic wizardly inside the case. So what do you need to be mindful of to beat the shakes?

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Focus Right

How to Isolate Your Subject in Lightroom

One of my favourite portrait techniques is to isolate the model by using a short telephoto lens and a wide aperture. The idea is to throw the background out of focus and keep the subject sharp, so there is a clear distinction between the two. This creates beautiful bokeh and the illusion of depth.

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How to copyright photos in Lightroom: protect your images in 6 easy steps

In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial we’ll show you step-by-step how to copyright photos by adding your contact details to every photo’s metadata. Read more →


4 Tips for Photographing Your Kids from World-Famous Mom Photographer Elena Shumilova

Mom, photographer, and 500px all-star Elena Shumilova‘s photos of her kids have made her a household name in family photography. The candid images of her two boys playing are, in a word, magical (as the 8M+ views on her 500px account alone will testify) and she recently shared a few tips that will help you capture some of that magic as well.

In the video below by SmugMug, Elena offers 4 expert tips for better child photography. A perfect pre-Mother’s Day post, these tips are ideal for the moms and dads out there who want to shoot better candid, un-posed images of their children and capture memories you’ll treasure for decades to come.

Take a look for yourself:

If you follow these tips — photograph them every day, select clothes that aren’t distracting, photograph when the time is good FOR THEM, and relax & have fun — you’ll soon be on your way to capturing heartwarming moments like there:

To see more of Elena’s wonderful photography, follow her on 500px, visit her website, or give her a Like on Facebook.

Post syndicated from 500px

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Exposure Lock Button – What is it and How to Use it?

Nestled quietly on the back of most cameras is a button that is often ignored or misunderstood, particularly by those who have recently upgraded to a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. It’s the Exposure Lock button, and it can be a tremendous asset to photographers who are looking for ways to get more control over their cameras and ultimately their photography in general.

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