On the FIRST Day of Christmas – a Free Download: Snowfall Action Effect!

On the FIRST Day of Christmas, Graffi gave to me – a free download! This Snowfall action is slightly different from the version included n Photoshop Elements in that it leaves the snowfall layer intact so you can manipulate it however you want it. Note: It works best on images that are roughly 1200 – 1500 pixels on their long… Read more →


Graffi’s Hipster first release – .jsx script for cropping square and an action to run it

The square crop

is a hallmark of the latest style in digital pictures: retro, Instagram-ish, hipster looking images. However, cropping an image to a perfect square is actually pretty tricky to pull off, programming speaking. Automating the process is impossible to do without a program to do the math for you. Read more →


The 12 Days of Christmas Starts Tomorrow, Saturday Dec 13!

The 12 Days of Christmas are almost here! You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout – because my 12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow, Saturday December 13! This year, there is a wider variety of things that will be available. I’m including everything from actions to brush sets to layer styles, tossing in some Lightroom presets, and… Read more →


The Pros and Cons of Watermarking Your Photos

Watermarking our images is a very important topic . Let’s look at the pros and cons. Read more →


5 ways digital cameras have made us lazy – and what we can do about it

Digital cameras have opened up photography. One cost of the digital photography revolution is that it can make you lazy and over-reliant on technology. Read more →


10 Ways To Boost Your Photography (Even If You’re a Beginner)

These pointers will give your images a massive kick start in terms of quality, and it doesn’t matter what camera you have. Read more →

Use Lightroom to Set Custom White Balance

Are you looking for a quick way to instantly improve your photography? Aren’t we all? Phil Steele has some great tips for taking it up a notch by understanding how to work with and customize white balance in the following video:

Steele says that if you want accurate color in your photographs, you need to know how to set white balance. He gives us two ways to do so: setting white balance directly in your camera while shooting, and altering white balance in post-production.

Customizing White Balance in the Field

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5 Ninja Tips to Speed Up Your Lightroom Workflow

Here are five things that will make a huge difference to your Lightroom workflow by making you more efficient and saving you time Read more →

HIPSTER[toy camera] posting image

Christmas Design in Adobe Photoshop – Red and Gold Christmas Ball on Stars Background

A tutorial on how to make Christmas decorations in Photoshop. It’s about time to get started on some holiday cards for the rapidly-approaching season Read more →

Graffi's Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

9 Tips to Help you get Sharp Focus at Night

Autofocus is so good on modern cameras that most photographers use it all the time. It seemingly never lets you down. But, let’s say it’s nighttime and you are going to do some shooting. You find a good spot. You set up your tripod. You go to focus your camera using the autofocus. You can feel the camera’s focus ring twisting back and forth, trying to focus. But it never gets there. The camera keeps hunting for a focus spot but never finds one. Read more →