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Hipster: Why You Need to Try Some Retro, Lo-Fi, Vintage Toy Camera Effects & Presets

This portfolio will keep you up to date on what’s going on with the releases of new and updated actions, effects and presets to create retro, vintage, toy camera looks for your photos. Many downloads will only appear here, but some will be in the graficalicus.com Graffishop Here’s the original Hipster logo, that will accompany most of the retro-style effects, both actions & presets… Read more →

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How to Make Freckles POP or Disappear using Lightroom

Editing Freckles in Lightroom I recently photographed a model in New York City. As I was communicating with her leading up to the shoot I noticed in some of her pictures that she had freckles. I personally am a big fan of freckles and wanted to do a shoot that highlighted her skin rather than hide it behind makeup or… Read more →


4.5 Ways Handy Actions are Cooler than Johnny Depp

Sure, Johnny Depp is cool. Sure, Johnny Depp is versatile. But if you are a Photoshop Elements user, did you know that Graffi’s Handy Actions are even cooler than Johnny Depp? Read more →


Cloud Photography Tips

I have always loved the old black and white photographs of Ansel Adams and have admired not only his landscapes, but also the way the landscapes were made spectacular by the cloud cover in the scene. Read more →

Graffi's Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

10 Macro Photography Subject Ideas

Are you looking for some interesting and out of the ordinary project ideas for your close up or macro photography? Want to break away from the usual flowers, leaves, plants and mushrooms? Tired of bugs, butterflies, and spiders? All of those can make great close up subjects, but certainly not unique ones. Here are a few macro photography project ideas that may inspire your creativity: Read more →

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How to Correct Purple Fringing in Photoshop

Purple fringing is when you get purple color in high contrast boundary areas in an image that was most likely taken in low light situations with a brighter background. It is most often attributed to a chromatic aberration that occurs commonly with digital cameras Read more →

Graffi's Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

Create Delicious Donut Text That Will Make You Hungry

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of making a yummy sweet text in Photoshop. We will use the basic tools and effects along to achieve the final outcome in short time. Read more →


How to enhance a sunset in Photoshop: download our start file and follow along

Discover how to enhance a sunset in Photoshop using Adobe Camera Raw’s range of tools. In this photo editing tutorial we show you step-by-step how to enhance the colours* in your sunset photos. Read more →

How To Easily Match Skin Tones In Photoshop

Use this simple Photoshop process to match skin tones in uneven areas. This method also works particularly well for matching lighter facial tones to the rest of the body’s color. Aaron Nace uses just a few adjustment layers and levels to quickly create a cohesive look:

How to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop

  • Start by analyzing your colors. Create a new layer. Grab a paint brush and sample (alt/opt+click) the colors of the skin—from darks to lights,  from both the desired color tone area and the one to adjust.
  • Paint each color in between selections, creating a sort of swatch. This will create a simple visual representation of the color tones to help you determine what adjustments need to be made in terms of warm and cool, light, and dark tones.

match skin tones in photoshop

  • When using this procedure to match face tones to body tones, you will need to darken and add warmth (with oranges, usually a combination of yellows and/or magentas). However, all skin tones are different and it’s best to experiment with your image.
  • Create a new layer. Go to adjustment layer and create a new Levels adjustment layer.
  • In properties, change the channel to Blue. The opposite of blue on the color spectrum is yellow. Pull the right hand side of the slider inward (to the left). This will slightly darken and add yellow to the highlights. Play around with the slider to get the desired tones.

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A Quick Way to Make your Autumn Photos Pop (Video Tutorial)

If you love capturing the bright hues of autumn, chances are many of your attempts had ended with heartache. Modern cameras, even with all the latest technology, are not nearly sensitive enough to capture all the dynamic range in a typical autumn landscape scene. So, how do you make your autumn photos pop? Hopefully you haven’t thrown away those unprocessed RAW files, because in this video tutorial, photographer Serge Ramelli shows us exactly how to salvage them in Lightroom:

First things first. Let’s clear out a few things to get the basics right. Landscape photos require that you use a tripod, shoot at the smallest aperture you can get away with, expose for the highlights, and shoot in RAW.

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