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5 Steps to Rock the Brenizer Method

The Brenizer Method is named after wedding photographer, Ryan Brenizer. He didn’t invent the method but instead made it popular by using it with his wedding clients Read more →


5 Long Exposure Landscape Photography Tips

For Landscape Photography, a tripod is absolutely essential, but rather than running out and purchasing any old tripod, I strongly suggest saving up for a well-built model from a reputable tripod manufacturer. Read more →

Bud, by Mike Schwarze

5 Macro Photography Tricks to Make Your Images Stand Out

In the world of macro photography, most of discussions seem to surround the technical aspects of this photographic art form. Amongst my colleagues, lens choice comes up a lot, along with the use of a flash, extension rings, and bellows.

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Picture in picture

How to Fake a ‘Past Vs. Present’ Picture-in-Picture Photo

In this post, Arman shares a fun Photoshop challenge for this weekend: fake a ‘past vs present’ picture-in-picture photo in Photoshop using two different photos of the same spot. Find out how to do it and then go give it a try! Read more →


How to Give Your Macro Photography a Fine Art Touch in Post-Processing

Macro photography is very popular and you will find lots of images, of all sorts of subjects on the internet. People spend a lot of time taking the photos, planning them, setting them up, and getting all the gear they need to get all the shots they want. Then the photos are loaded onto the computer and minimal processing is done to them. Read more →

FilterSim 3-way split

How to do More Unique Flower Photography

Do you love to photograph flowers? Flowers are the most beautiful things to photograph. They have texture, color and come in wonderful shapes.

MBeaty 2

To create unique flower photography:

  • Use a 50mm or a telephoto lens.
  • Photograph with backlighting to enhance the transparency of the petals.
  • Choose camera angle carefully – photograph from below to obtain unusual shapes, photograph at eye-level to create a realistic look.
  • Get closer – try making an abstract
  • Look for great backgrounds – declutter the is using bokeh and a shallow depth of field.
  • Quality and color of light – photograph under diffused lighting, during the golden hour, or with the sun at an angle to enhance color, texture and depth.

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Get Creative with Displacement Maps in Photoshop

Creating a film noir look with a displacement map in Photoshop.

Creating a film noir look with a displacement map in Photoshop.

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Hipster [vintage ii] Lightroom preset (Bilmore)

Stop the Rush and Return to Simplicity

As modern day photographers it is easy to get overwhelmed and consumed by new gear, new technology, new software, new techniques (did someone say HDR?) and so on. With so much going on in the industry, sometimes you need to step back, sit down and relax. Read more →