Sun and Lighting for Architectural Photography

In photography, as well as in any other visual art form, light plays a key role, and it should be considered a critical compositional element. Lighting for architectural photography, as well as for interior photography, can be very demanding, because the light defines the space or structure of the building. Lighting for interiors is much […] Read more →

Concert Photography Tips from a Nikon Pro

Where visual and audial obsessions overlap, you’ll probably find the concert photographer. This is an extremely exciting type of photography, with all the excitement and action of sports, the intimate close-up nature of portraiture, and the wild colours usually only found in a sunset. Nikon recently released this interview with concert photographer Lindsey Byrnes, in […] Read more →

What Lens Should I Obtain For My Digital SLR Camera?

One of the most important advantages of DSLR cameras (i.e. semi-professional and professional) is the ability to use different lenses. However deciding on what lens to buy and what lens is suitable for a specific type of photography is a bit difficult. In this article we learn about advantages and main purpose of using specific […] Read more →

5 Reasons Why Prime Lenses Are Better Than Zoom Lenses

The debate always rages between photographers – which is better: zoom lenses, or primes? In this video from, photographer Kai W, with the help of his buddy Lok, makes his argument for the benefits of prime lenses: Of course, every lens has its advantages and its drawbacks, and the appropriate lens depends on the situation, and […] Read more →

60 Awesome Pinterest Boards Every Photographer Should Follow

If you’re a photographer you may think, why should I care about Pinterest? The answer is quite simple. Everyone who have risen to the top will tell you that it’s all about who you know and who knows you, just as much as it’s about talent. Pinterest is one of the fastest and influential social-media platforms today. It’s not just Continue Reading

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Photoshop: How to Make a Powerful, 1930s, WPA-style Poster

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to design a powerful, authentic-looking, 1930s, Works Project Administration (WPA) poster. Read more →

Create Dramatic Lighting in your Photography by Introducing Darkness

Every professional photographer that you’ll ever talk to, will tell you that light is the most important part of photography. These people, myself included, are absolutely right, it is! Without it our photographs would be dull sheets of empty paper! Using dramatic lighting to a photographer’s advantage is the universal lesson preached to every photography student on the planet! But Continue Reading

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Elements That Make a Striking Photograph

What does it take to create a really stunning image? There are six basic elements when designing a great image and certain factors that influence composition and make a really great image. If you can understand these and learn to apply them successfully then you’re on your way to top photos. Now although there are […] Read more →

Using Complementary Colors to Make Your Photos Pop (Video)

Opposites attract. That’s what they say. Typically this saying refers to people. The quiet shy girl likes the talkative outgoing boy, the short man has a crush on the tall woman, and the scientist is married to the preacher. This saying can also be applied to photography, but rather than the opposites attracting each other, […] Read more →

A Bug’s Eye View

Different Lenses Experiments 68, a photo by graficalicus on Flickr. Via Flickr: A bug’s eye view using my Neewer wide angle on a Nikon D3100 Read more →