6 Easy Tips To Photographing Strangers In Perfect Candid Moments

Candid photography is responsible for the best photographs in the world. Just take a look at all the of the most striking images you’ve ever seen, almost all of these are from candid shots when photographing strangers. When photographing strangers, a photographer is bestowed many plus points: Images are considered far more credible the less contrived they are You have Continue Reading

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5 Tips to Add Flavor to Your Landscape Photography

Quick Reminder: Only a little while left! in the launch sale on the new: Living Landscapes Landscapes can have a magical impact on people. Dependent on the location, a provided piece of landscapes may instill a feeling of serenity or natural turmoil; it might imply lush development or continuous erosion; green with life or dim, […] Read more →

Bad Weather = Good Light for Opportunistic Photographers

We’ve all sat, staring out of our window and cursing at the rain poring down or the flat, grey sky that just happened to cloud over on few hours we’ve managed to set aside in our busy schedule to head out and shoot some photos. But all is not lost for the opportunistic and well […] Read more →

Challenges and Benefits of Panoramic Photography

Cinerama movies are generally preferred for a very good reason: The field of view is more like what the human eye is accustomed to seeing. Unconsciously at some level, when we look at a “normal” photo we know that it is like looking at the world through a window, and we are only seeing part […] Read more →

How to Use a Neutral Density Filter for Dynamic Landscape Photography

Neutral density filters are used to block some of the light coming into the lens so that we can have longer exposure times than the available light would allow without the filter. For landscape photography, neutral density filters are indispensable. How Does a Neutral Density Filter Work? To explain how a neutral density filter works, […] Read more →

Lighting Ratios for Portrait Photography

In portrait photography, lighting ratios are comparisons of the main light in a photo to the lesser light which fills in the shadows. This main light is known as the “key light”, and the lesser light is called the “fill light.” A lighting ratio can be expressed (K+F):F, where the main light is K+F because […] Read more →

Sun and Lighting for Architectural Photography

In photography, as well as in any other visual art form, light plays a key role, and it should be considered a critical compositional element. Lighting for architectural photography, as well as for interior photography, can be very demanding, because the light defines the space or structure of the building. Lighting for interiors is much […] Read more →

Concert Photography Tips from a Nikon Pro

Where visual and audial obsessions overlap, you’ll probably find the concert photographer. This is an extremely exciting type of photography, with all the excitement and action of sports, the intimate close-up nature of portraiture, and the wild colours usually only found in a sunset. Nikon recently released this interview with concert photographer Lindsey Byrnes, in […] Read more →

What Lens Should I Obtain For My Digital SLR Camera?

One of the most important advantages of DSLR cameras (i.e. semi-professional and professional) is the ability to use different lenses. However deciding on what lens to buy and what lens is suitable for a specific type of photography is a bit difficult. In this article we learn about advantages and main purpose of using specific […] Read more →

5 Reasons Why Prime Lenses Are Better Than Zoom Lenses

The debate always rages between photographers – which is better: zoom lenses, or primes? In this video from, photographer Kai W, with the help of his buddy Lok, makes his argument for the benefits of prime lenses: Of course, every lens has its advantages and its drawbacks, and the appropriate lens depends on the situation, and […] Read more →