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By using any of these installers, actions and effects, you agree to become bound by the terms of this License Agreement. If you do NOT agree with the terms of this License Agreement, do not use any of these products. guarantee that all of the products offered on this web site have been created and programmed specially by Graficalicus, and any similarity to any other product is quite unintentional and coincidental.

These products remain the property of and are licensed, not sold, to you for use on your computer. By nature of the downloadable distribution method, there can be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. uses other resources for licensee payments. Therefore, any disputes or disagreements between customer and a third party shall remain separate from This applies to website accessibility for the third party, payment and payment options, credit card disputes, and any other written or unwritten agreement between customer and a third party collector. NO FINANCIAL, CREDIT, ADDRESS, BANKING OR OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION IS COLLECTED OR STORED ON THE GRAFICALICUS.COM WEBSITE, SERVER OR HARDDRIVES, ASIDE FROM THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE WHEN CREATING A PERSONAL SHOPPING ACCOUNT.

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The included effects can be used in any type of graphic presentation, including commercial, without additional restriction. You may modify the effects, but may not redistribute the altered versions without credit to the original software creator.

Licensor will not be responsible if the contents of this archive do not fit the particular purpose or desires of the Licensee. Licensor is not responsible for resolving conflicts between this and any other software installed on the resident computer. The effects and installation software provided are licensed “as is” without warranties of any kind. All rights reserved. Neither the producer,, nor any distributor of products can be held responsible for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from the use of this product in whatever form.

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