PhotoLab for Photoshop Elements

Luminosity-SepiaPhotoLab offers a variety of ways to create black & white, sepia, soft dreamy effects, and several more photo enhancements. For Photoshop CS3+ & Elements 6-13

These actions are all fully compatible with Photoshop Elements 6-13. There are 39 different actions – actions that adjust saturation, add tinting, create sepia effects, manipulate color channels and create some interesting color manipulations for a variety of purposes, such as print or advertising.

Now you can create stunningly crisp Black and White images with just a click. Photo Lab includes its own installer, so you don’t have to waste time moving files here and there. Simply download, unzip, run the installer and fire up Elements. That’s it!

PhotoLab Sample ImageIn Photoshop Elements 11-13, these actions will also be placed in the Actions Palette, so you can load and unload them as you need them – and the Windows installer puts them there for you automatically!


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