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I’m Still Here!

Thanks for the patience (and not forgetting about me!) while I’m working on the remaining server migration issues. I haven’t posted much lately, but I’m still here!

I hope to get everything put back right in the next few days, but keep submitting articles & photos, and I love getting your comments!


Borneo Bug Fest 2014

vicker313 has added a photo to the pool:

Borneo Bug Fest 2014

Borneo Bug Fest 2014 at Kota Kinabalu, shoot with Polaroid 340 loaded with discontinue FP-3000B

[from Graffi’s That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]

3 Tips to Help Keep Your Photography Passion Alive

Fountain rainbow

Photography is like any other pursuit in life, in that it requires a great deal of time and practice. Unless you make a living as a professional photographer, you might find that you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to devote to taking pictures. With work, family, school, and plenty of other obligations in our lives, it’s easy to let photography take a back seat to everything else. So, unfortunately we often find our expensive cameras gathering dust on the shelf, and our vibrant photo libraries growing ever more stagnant as the months and years pass. How in the world is it possible for hobbyist or enthusiast photographers, much less beginners who are just entering this brave new world for the first time, to find chances to learn, stretch, and grow, or just do what they enjoy doing? Thankfully there is hope, and I’d like to share a few tips that have worked for me.

Hipster [vintage ii] Lightroom Presets set to drop Thursday 7-31

They’ll be available tomorrow21 Lightroom Presets that give your photos That Retro, Lo-Fi Look


21 Lightroom Presets for that Retro, Lo-Fi look

Special intro pricing will be announced REALLY SOON…..  including bundles, freebies, and social sharing specials!

Toy Camera Preset

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Toy Camera Preset

from my new Lightroom preset pack

[from Graffi’s That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]

New Lightroom Presets coming down the pike


Grab a sample from this brand-new set below, load it into Lightroom, and see what you think. Hit me up on any of my social media links, and I’ll definitely get back to you

Share it with one of the social links on this page, and get a 10% coupon code instantly!

Hipster [toy camera] Sample Wow! Downloaded 97 times so far!

.Light Leak

graficalicus has added a photo to the pool:

.Light Leak

Graffi Vintage presets – and light leaks for Photoshop & Elements

[image from Graffi’s That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]

New Photoshop Adjustment Layers for Photoshop Elements 11

A fun secret about Photoshop Elements 11: some Photoshop Adjustment Layers can be used in Elements!

Specifically, Black and White, Color Balance, Exposure and Selective Color adjustments can be added with the actions downloadable below.  Note that these will only be available for limited time! They will be included in the updated Handy Actions set early in 2013. Add-O-Matic will be updated to allow for sharing and loading presets that these adjustment layers create. (AOM already supports Channel Mixer- .cha – and Curves – .acv – files, as well as Lightroom presets.)

The caveat to these actions is that the adjustments can only be made while the action opens the dialog; once it’s committed, you cannot go back and edit the settings without running the action again. Also, these additional adjustment layers will only work with Elements 11.

However, the layer mask the adjustment creates is editable – you can edit it to your heart’s content!

These actions are going to be an integral part of the new line of actions from the Graffishop, starting with Hipster (look for it in January 2013)

The actions in the download above are easily added using Add-)-Matic, or you can manually load them in to Elements 11.

personally, I’d get an Add-O-Matic, though……  :)

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th edition, starting with the first Add-O-Matic from way back for Photoshop Elements 5, and it is still the most popular Elements utility available! 

New Now Add-O-Matic now will put all your Lightroom presets away for you, too!
You can grab an Add-O-Matic fast-n-easy by clicking the button below:

Photoshop Elements 11 & Add-O-Matic

A few signs that Autumn is on the way:

  • the nights are getting cooler
  • the squirrels have stepped up acorn collection activities
  • football games on Fridays and Saturdays
  • the leaves are beginning to turn to yellow and orange
  • a new version of Photoshop Elements is out!


You probably noticed from the screenshot that there’s an entirely new interface, and a nifty Actions palette.

Many things have been rearranged and reorganized, so getting around this new version (at least for previous users of Photoshop Elements) may take a few exploratory trips through the various panels and menus.

And how about that nice light grey color scheme..!


So what does this mean for Add-O-Matic?

As I’m writing this, AOM is going through a few facelifts of its own.  Here’s what to look for in the new Add-O-Matic 11:

  • support for Elements versions 8, 9, 10 & 11
  • a new (but still familiar!) interface and ease of operation: AOM will now go to all installed versions of Elements instead of prompting you for a version!
  • support for all the usual Photoshop extensions, including actions, layer styles, custom shapes and plug-ins
  • Lightroom Preset support!  Now you can use AOM to add presets to Lightroom!

Look for it in in early October, and as always leave a few comments and feature requests – now is the time!