Picture in picture

How to Fake a ‘Past Vs. Present’ Picture-in-Picture Photo

In this post, Arman shares a fun Photoshop challenge for this weekend: fake a ‘past vs present’ picture-in-picture photo in Photoshop using two different photos of the same spot. Find out how to do it and then go give it a try! Read more →


How to Create Your Own Cinemagraph with Photoshop

You might think shooting and editing your own cinemagraph is a little beyond your Photoshop skill level, but it’s really not that hard. Aaron Nace shows us how to create a professional cinemagraph from capturing the footage to the final Internet-viewable GIF. If you follow along with the video, you’ll be able to create a smooth, great looking cinemagraph in no time:

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Camera Modea

Top 10 Tips on How to Take a Great Photo

Start with a clear view. This first tip might sound very obvious, but it is key to make sure your camera lens is clean Read more →


How to Give Your Macro Photography a Fine Art Touch in Post-Processing

Macro photography is very popular and you will find lots of images, of all sorts of subjects on the internet. People spend a lot of time taking the photos, planning them, setting them up, and getting all the gear they need to get all the shots they want. Then the photos are loaded onto the computer and minimal processing is done to them. Read more →


How to Make Your Photos More Interesting with a Human Element

I believe that when someone asks how to improve their composition, that what they’re really asking is how they can make their photos more interesting.

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6 creative macro photo ideas for spring and summer

Take your seasonal macro photography to the next level with these creative close-up photo ideas. Read more →


12 Steps to Successfully Promote your Photography on Social Media

If you’re reading this and are interested in digital photography, chances are you’re a user of Instagram, the current goliath of social media in photography. Instagram has become home to over 300 million users in the four years it’s been around, and it seems ready to only get bigger.

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Lightning Quick Photo Edit: See a Landscape Photo Transformed in Just 5 Minutes

If you think editing a beautiful landscape image in Camera RAW and Photoshop ought to take 30 minutes or an hour or longer, landscape photographer and photo educator Joshua Cripps is about to blow that assumption out of the water.

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10 Tips for Better Cityscape Photography

Photography is escapism. We want to see what we can’t with our own eyes; towering skyscrapers, endless skylines, the people of faraway cultures. We long for the distant, so it makes sense that cityscape photos are so popular and marketable. I hope these 10 tips will help you take better cityscape photography, and inspire you to explore faraway cultures.

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Digital camera effects from A-Z

26 digital camera effects and techniques to help you get more creative with your DSLR. From abstracts to zoom bursts, there’s sure to be an in-camera effect you’ll want to try.

Photoshop is great for enhancing and adding effects to your images, but nothing beats capturing it all in-camera in the first place. With that in mind, here’s our A-Z of 26 fantastic digital camera effects and tricks you can try today.

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