How to use Lightroom Develop Presets to Learn Processing Tips

Learn Lightroom from Develop Presets

In my previous article you learned how to create a vintage effect using Lightroom. I started by showing you some Lightroom Develop Presets you can use as a shortcut, and finished by demonstrating some techniques you can use yourself. The hidden message in the article was that one way to learn how to use Lightroom is to buy some Develop Presets (or download some free ones) and analyze them to see how they work. You can then apply the same techniques to your own photos, and even create your own Develop Presets.

Today I’m going to give you some tips on analyzing other people’s Develop Presets. I’m going to do it using some presets I downloaded from onOne Software. These are free presets that anyone can download and use themselves (just follow the link), so it is easy for you to follow along.

Black and white landscape photography: why rich color is the key to bold mono

Good black and white landscape photography requires more than just converting your dull, overcast scenes to monochrome.

In this black and white landscape photography tutorial we explain why strong colours are the secret to dramatic monochrome images and offer our best shooting tips to guarantee images with impact.

Black and white landscape photography: why bold colour is the key to dramatic mono

The great thing about shooting black-and-white landscape photography is that you don’t have to wait for perfect weather to get great shots; all you need is a dramatic sky and plenty of contrast to really make your images pop.

How to Correct Skin Tones and Stylize Your Photo in Photoshop

There are million ways to edit and stylize your photos in post production. Some of the methods can be quite daunting for photographers that are new to the world of Photoshop, which is why Aaron Nace is here to show us one of the approaches he takes when editing his photos:

Adding a Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Below you will see the sample image Nace works on throughout the video. While he really likes the composition and content of the image, the color temperature and skin tones don’t sit well with him, so he walks us through how he adjusts them.