Selective adjustments in Lightroom: use this workflow to add punch to seascapes

Are your seascapes often flat and lifeless? In this tutorial we show you how to use selective adjustments and Clarity in Adobe Lightroom to add punch and contrast to your images.

Selective adjustments in Lightroom: a simple workflow to add punch to seascapes

01 Tweak the colour
Before adjusting individual areas of the image, you can make some basic adjustments to the whole image. The main adjustments are to the Vibrance and Saturation.

3 Ways to Get Killer Portraits Using a Tripod

As photographers, you’re all looking to “wow” the people we’re taking pictures of, whether they’re clients or just friends. When you show final images, there’s that sense of anticipation, excitement and nervousness as you gauge reactions. And when you hear the words “amazing” or “I love them,” it’s truly a great feeling. So how do you get the “wow” and avoid the “just okay?” Well that’s not always easy. With so many good photographers out there and so much of their work getting exposure via social networks, expectations for good photography is as high as it’s ever been.


Here are three ways to achieve killer portraits with the use of a tripod that we use in our studio. These include the following, all of which we’ll show you – keep reading:

  1. Shutter Drags
  2. Composites
  3. HDRs

Required Equipment