How to Create a Simple Slideshow in Lightroom

In this article I’ll show you how to create a simple slideshow in Lightroom, and point out some of the more advanced customization features Read more →


Photoshop Trick: Sharpen High ISO Images Without Adding Noise

Usually, sharpening and de-noising an image seem to work against each other — sharpening adds noise but makes your photo more crisp, de-noising removes noise but makes it softer. Using this simple technique, you can have the best of both worlds (within reason, of course). Read more →

Graficalicus Vintage Lightroom Presets

4 Tips for Creating Portraits with Impact

We can continue to produce countless portraits that are stale and void of visual power, or we can step back, evaluate our work, and begin to strategically create portraits that do have impact. Whether you are shooting on location or in a studio, begin adding some punch to your portraiture to captivate your audience. immediately. Read more →


It’s Your Image – Do What you Like to it

Manipulating Photos

So many times we hear people saying that they want to take the perfect image straight from the camera, but even in the days of film every image was manipulated to some extent in the darkroom. When working in the darkroom not every photo was printed exactly the same. They were all given different exposure times, or different levels of magenta for contrast (I only printed black and white) to get the best result. You could also dodge and burn for tone control.

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Glam Photo Presets for Lightroom

6 camera settings portrait photographers always get wrong

The secret to great portrait photography is building a rapport with a model, rather than knowing the best camera settings to use. But in the heat of the moment, when you’re caught up with the lighting and focused on a capturing a person’s expression and pose, it’s easy to overlook a setting and end up with disappointing pictures.

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How to Create Custom Bokeh Shapes in Your Photos

Bokeh, or the quality of the out of focus area in a photograph is an easy way to add interest to your images. By making a bokeh filter for your camera, you can have more control of your photograph by giving the out of focus lights in the image almost any shape that you wish. The filter is easy to make and chances are you probably have most of the supplies you’ll need laying around the house. Read more →

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Butterfly Pictures: How to Capture Them

What else do you know that can compare to the magnificent colors you see when you look through your camera lens at a butterfly? Maybe a butterfly sitting on a beautiful brilliant flower. It doesn’t get any prettier than that. Read more →


Can you rely on the free raw software that came with your camera?

When it comes to editing raw, you don’t actually need to shell out for Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom… or do you?

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Adobe Camera Raw 8.8 Now Available

Adobe has released ACR 8.8 as a final release for both Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC users. For Lightroom users and those using older versions of Photoshop, the company has released DNG Converter 8.8. Other than a few minor bug fixes, ACR 8.8 added support for ten new cameras including the Canon EOS Rebel T6I […]

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10 most common mistakes amateur photographers make… and how to avoid them

The joy of digital photography is that it’s a lot cheaper to learn from your mistakes. With no film costs to worry about, you can instantly gauge the success of your technique and settings, and easily delete howlers. Read more →