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On the Seventh Day of Christmas – Fill Percentage Layer Styles!

These layer styles affect the fill of a layer. Opacity of a layer affects the overall content, but the Fill of a layer only affects that layer’s pixels Read more →

A Christmas Ornament in Elements

Here’s an older video showing how to create a Christmas Tree Ornament using Photoshop Elements. The video is a vintage one, created using Photoshop Elements 5 (but don’t worry – this tutorial can be done with any version of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop). Read more →

On the Second Day of Christmas a Free Download!

This set of layer styles adds 10 snowdrift layer styles to your Photoshop layers palette. The free download link is below, and if you want to add them fast and easy to Photoshop Elements, be sure to grab an Add-O-Matic, too Read more →

Add-O-Matic 12 now available

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th version and is ready to help you mod Photoshop Elements! The latest version will work with Windows versions of Elements 11 & 12 as well as Lightroom and supports several new add-on filetypes [Don’t fret if you’re still using an older version of Elements – Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10 is now available again] So… Read more →

A Snowy Winter Scene for Scrapbook Backgrounds with Photoshop Elements

I don’t recall if I ever posted this here on my blog, but if I did, here’s a reblog of it! This for creating a wintry illustration – kind of cartoony – for a background. You could even use it as it’s own stand-alone image, too It’s a place to get you started – I’d love to see how far… Read more →

Photoshop and Elements Graduated Filters

I’m working on a new set of actions, Layer Style presets & Lightroom presets that create graduated filters for your images. Look for these in the next week or so. What do you think – a single download for all of them, or separate downloads for Photoshop Elements and Lightroom versions? Is there an interest in these?  Let me know!… Read more →

Set of 21 Layer Styles for Download

Here’s a set of 21 layer styles that have been laying around the workshop for awhile. There’s a variety of designs here that you can use on text, shapes, or anything else you add to your graphics. Read more →