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A fast simple 25% off deal today! On the fifth day of Christmas, you can get 25% off everything in the Graffishop!

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But also, thank you for your support, and more goodies will be available tomorrow and through Christmas Eve!


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7 Cool Reasons to Try Graffi’s Sampler Pack for FREE!

Graffi's Photo Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

Graffi’s Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack – 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

Graffi’s Free Action Pack Effects Sampler

newly updated for Elements 13, now with 7 actions & effects
Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11 – 13 is out, with a sampling of photo effects from 7 of the most popular sets available in the Graffishop

The 7 photo effects included in the free sampler action effects pack are

Samples of each are below – grab a copy fast & free!

Graffi's Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11-13 Wow! Downloaded 338 times so far!

Graffi's Action FX Sampler for Photoshop Elements 6-10 Wow! Downloaded 430 times so far!

How to Create Creamy Black & White Images in Lightroom

Don’t let your black and white images fall flat. Bring out the true beauty of your photographs by adding vibrancy and creamy tones. Zach & Jody show us how a few quick fixes in Lightroom can make your images sing:

In some cases, turning down your saturation may leave you with a nice black and white image. However, the image may fall short, leaving you with muddy tonal definition and lack of detail. Use Lightroom’s HSL Black & White module to define black and white color tones to bring back vibrancy and life to your image.

Be sure to have a look at Graffi’s Action sets in the Graffishop for more Black & White options: 

Hey Graffi Blog Readers:   for more looks like this especially created for Photoshop Elements, you might want to check out the PhotoLab Photo Effects action pack with an installer compatible with Elements



HipsterDo you like getting that Retro Lo-Fi, Vintage look for your images? Then you might really like Graffi's Hipster Kits for Photoshop / Elements and Lightroom!

How To Add Life to Your Black And White Images

Basic Glamour presets for Lightroom – free download

For October, as the weather turns cooler and the leaves start to fall, I’ll be putting together another set of Lightroom presets.

This set will work well with the Glam Photo actions already uploaded (they’re available here) and are some that I’ve found to be great time savers. They also lend themselves to providing quite a bit of consistency among photo sets.

Even though the set will be called “Glam Photo for Lightroom”, they lend themselves well to other images that aren’t necessarily “glamour shots”. I’ve used them successfully on nature images, macro shots, and even a few pet photos!

The first two presets from this set are below, and they’re freebies for now. Download them, try them out, and let me know what you think!

Glamour Photo Presets for Lightroom Wow! Downloaded 109 times so far!

Add-O-Matic can help load a lot of presets to Lightroom with just a drag and a click – grab your copy hassle-free below or in the Graffishop!

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SummerSolstice2014 ! 15% off, just because!

I tweeted that earlier this morning – here’s a cool thing about the new shop: It puts the coupon code on the checkout page for you – all you have to do is click it to apply it to your order!

Summer Solstice Catalog Coupon

Summer Solstice Catalog Coupon – click the coupon code, then click the OK button to apply!

The NEW GRAFFISHOP is now open!

the new graffishop

the NEW Graffishop

I’m pretty excited about the new Graffishop!

After a long two months, it’s open and ready for action!

New features now available include “loyalty points” (spend a few bucks and get discounts in the future!), MUCH better security, a newer more modern design, social media integration, and a ton of other groovy gizmos that make it a nicer place to hang out!

This weekend (Father’s Day weekend here in the U.S.) EVERYTHING is 20% off (and there are a few other items 25% off – including Add-O-Matic) so stop by and check it out!

If you already had an account at the old shop, you will need to create a new account at the new shop. Also, if you would like to transfer any purchases to the new shop, drop me a note and let me know.

I’m very interested in hearing your feedback – – leave a review on any product, or leave me a message, or share or post on your favorite social media – these are the only marketing tools I use (no spam, no annoying social media stuff, no paid search engine placements).

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like it!

~ Mike (aka Graffi)

Graffishop is closing…. and a new Graffishop is opening

And now, a regular note from me!

I’ve been working behind the scenes to get a new Graffishop ready to open – and as it stands now, I’m shooting for a Memorial Day weekend launch (in the US – it’s just plain old May 23 everywhere else in the world!)

The new shop will have a lot of the features that I’ve always wanted to incorporate in the old shop, like rollover previews, a faster checkout system, wish lists, better typography & compatibility with newer systems.  The new package has it – and a lot more.

Here’s where YOU come in:  if you haven’t logged into the old shop in a while (since before September 2013), your account is going to be purged.  I’ll maintain the data if you ever have an issue with something previously downloaded, but you’ll need to create a new account at the new shop when it opens if you want to receive newsletters, updates and members-only discounts. Stay tuned to my blog here, and check in at the Graffishop for update announces in the next week or so.

Meanwhile, for quick downloads, you can fast-n-easy download the Graffi add-on items from here

Thanks for all your support over the past decade! I’m looking forward to releasing new Lightroom presets & Photoshop Elements actions over the next several months, and I have a pretty good start on some new goodies for you!

Freebie: 5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

Skin Retouching Actions Preview

To retouch skin, simply play an action then paint over the areas that you want to retouch. They’re extremely easy to use and a rough paint will work – you don’t need to be too precise.

The skin airbrushing action makes skin look smoother without losing skin details.

Here’s a video preview of what you can achieve with these Photoshop actions. Note: The video uses the SparkleStock version of this action that contains 20 retouching actions rather than 5.

Download the Retouching Actions

5 Retouching Actions

All action sets now updated for Elements 11

Just a quick note here that all Action sets in the Graffishop have been updated for installation to Elements 11.

All of them also have a manual installation option so Mac users and full Photoshop users can get them, too.

I’m now updating all the galleries to show off what these effects can do for you. Check out the newest PhotoLab & Glam Photo galleries – they’re both up and running!

Actions for Elements: New Mac-Packs!

Finally!I’ve finally gotten around to creating manual-install action packs for all the Graffi Action Sets in the Graffishop!

Add-O-Matic is still a Windows-only utility, but all of the other Action packs now are available with two options:

  • You can get the regular Windows-only packs that come with their own installer
  • You can choose the manual install option (for Mac users, Photoshop users or Windows Elements users who want to install the actions themselves). The manual install option is available from the bottom of each product page beside the Add to Cart button:


The auto-install option will add all actions, thumbnails & .xml files in the correct place within your Windows version of Elements.

The manual-install versions include actions, thumbnails & .xml files that can be manually placed or omitted within either Windows or Mac versions of Elements, and Photoshop users can get the actions and disregard the other Elements-required pieces.

Also, if you choose the manual-install option, it’ll knock $2 off the price!

Check them out and see what you think – !

12 Days of Christmas coming soon!
Both here in my Blog and in the Graffishop, special things will be happening during the 12 Days of Christmas! Stay tuned!