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Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler – free!

Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11 & 12 is out, with a sampling of new photo effects from the 5 most popular sets available in the Graffishop

The 5 actions included are

Samples of each are below – grab a copy and see if you like them!


Splits your image into 4 slices, puts them on a black background, and gives them a white edge. Each strip is on its own layer so you can move them wherever you want them


Softens and fades the image with a hint of film grain and adds a double frame: a white border with a black hairline


The original starting point for these samples


perfect for portraits – from the Photo Lab photo effects set


from Hipster [Vintage I]

from Hipster [Vintage I] – creates a retro, faded lo-fi look and adds a nifty snapshot frame – all editable by you

Graffi's Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11-12 Wow! Downloaded 94 times so far!

Handy Actions, Photo Lab and Glam Photo Updated

Add-O-Matic 12

Add-O-Matic 12

I just finished uploading the newest versions of Handy Actions, Photo Lab & Glam Photo – so new, I haven’t had a chance to update t heir descriptions in the Graffishop yet!

You can check them out & upgrade to Photoshop Elements 12 versions here:

Freebie: 5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

Skin Retouching Actions Preview

To retouch skin, simply play an action then paint over the areas that you want to retouch. They’re extremely easy to use and a rough paint will work – you don’t need to be too precise.

The skin airbrushing action makes skin look smoother without losing skin details.

Here’s a video preview of what you can achieve with these Photoshop actions. Note: The video uses the SparkleStock version of this action that contains 20 retouching actions rather than 5.

Download the Retouching Actions

5 Retouching Actions

All action sets now updated for Elements 11

Just a quick note here that all Action sets in the Graffishop have been updated for installation to Elements 11.

All of them also have a manual installation option (for $2 less / each) so Mac users and full Photoshop users can get them, too.

I’m now updating all the galleries to show off what these effects can do for you. Check out the newest PhotoLab & Glam Photo galleries – they’re both up and running!

Actions for Elements: New Mac-Packs!

Finally!I’ve finally gotten around to creating manual-install action packs for all the Graffi Action Sets in the Graffishop!

Add-O-Matic is still a Windows-only utility, but all of the other Action packs now are available with two options:

  • You can get the regular Windows-only packs that come with their own installer
  • You can choose the manual install option (for Mac users, Photoshop users or Windows Elements users who want to install the actions themselves). The manual install option is available from the bottom of each product page beside the Add to Cart button:


The auto-install option will add all actions, thumbnails & .xml files in the correct place within your Windows version of Elements.

The manual-install versions include actions, thumbnails & .xml files that can be manually placed or omitted within either Windows or Mac versions of Elements, and Photoshop users can get the actions and disregard the other Elements-required pieces.

Also, if you choose the manual-install option, it’ll knock $2 off the price!

Check them out and see what you think – !

Graffi’s Gritty Effect Actions for Elements

Graffi Gritty Action
Graffi Gritty B-W Action

add-o-friendlyTo make this even faster, below is an action that will do the work for you!

Just unzip and drag into your Add-O-Matic, and it will put it into your Effects palette, under Photo Effects. If you use the new Add-O-Matic 10, there is also a thumbnail and an .xml file.

Drag the .xml file into the Add-O-Matic with the .atn, and then navigate to the .png thumbnail when prompted to get it installed to your Photoshop Element’s Effects palette. It will create a new category if it doesn’t already exist (“Graffi Blog Effects”) and be ready to run!

By clicking the button below, I agree with the Terms & Conditions.

Grab an Add-O-Matic, quick and easy, here:

By clicking the button below, I agree with the Terms & Conditions.

After the Paypal checkout process is complete, download links will be mailed to you (so make sure they don’t wind up in your Junk folder!)

Add-O-Matic upgrades to version 10!

Add-O-Matic 10A few new enhancements for the upcoming Add-O-Matic 10:

What’s new in Add-O-Matic 10? (New features are in red)

  • Add-O-Matic 10 will correctly add your extra goodies to Photoshop Elements 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10, including Layer Styles, Action Effects, Brushes, Custom Shapes and more. A full listing of supported file types is listed on the Add-O-Matic page in the Grafishop (and soon on Facebook)
  • The interface remains unchanged (if it ain’t broke, why fix it?). You still simply unzip your downloaded goodies to your desktop or another convenient location, drag them into the grey drop spot on the Add-O-Matic interface, click the GO! button, and let AOM do the shuffling and sorting for you.
  • Multiple version support: If multiple versions of Elements are installed on your system, AOM will find them and ask which version you want to add the new goodies to.
  • .XML file support: AOM10 will put .xml files away for you!
  • Action effect thumbnail support:thumb  When adding an action (*.atn) file to the Add-O-Matic, you will be prompted to choose an image to represent it in the Photo Effects palette (.png image only). If you don’t have or don’t want a particular image, Add-O-Matic will use the generic blue Add-O-Matic thumbnail. (PLEASE NOTE that you still can’t drag image files to the grey drop spot in the AOM – the only image support is via this new action effect subroutine.)
  • Database rebuilding utility: Add-O-Matic 10 will include a separate Database Rebuilder utility which allows you to quickly rebuild the internal Media and Thumbnail databases that Photoshop Elements uses to display your goodies.
  • Compressed archive messages: Previously, Add-O-Matic would give an error message if a .zip archive was added to the grey drop spot.  This resulted in some confusion as other compression methods became more popular.  Now Add-O-Matic will give you a nudge to first decompress archive the most popular compressed archive formats .rar & .7z before adding their contents to AOM.
  • Lightroom Presets (tentative – still working this out): Add-O-Matic 10 will put Lightroom presets in the correct directory if you have Lightroom installed.

Add-O-Matic 10 will be available for download this weekend, and the usual upgrade policy will apply (pretty much the same policy as Adobe):

  • if you purchased Add-O-Matic since September 1 2011, you will get the free upgrade automatically.
  • if you are a previous owner of the Add-O-Matic (as well as the other effect packs available in the Graffishop), you will get the usual 25% off upgrade price
  • The price will stay the same – $19.99 – which will include the new features listed above & the new Database Rebuilder utility.

If you really like the Add-O-Matic, LIKE it on Facebook! doesn’t have a marketing budget, so I hope for positive word-of-mouth to spread the word about the AOM and the other action photo effect packs in the Graffishop.

thank you!