Some Retouching Basics for Graphic Designers and Photographers

We’ve got important Photoshop techniques here for you, all focused on improving your photo manipulations and retouches. This tutorial will teach you how make skin smoother, and how to make charming eyes. By simply adjustment layers you will make better colors. Then, you will make grain on skin, to more realistic look.

Preview of Final Results

With this tutorial you will create amazing beauty retouch, which can be used in printed media – like in magazines, flyers, adverts and more. You can use this knowledge in your designs, or even if you are photographer! You’ll need Photoshop CS5 or newer to follow this tutorial.


Tutorial Resources

Step 1

She Smiles


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Photoshop scatter effect tutorial: download our FREE brushes and textures

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use brushes and masks to transform a portrait with eye-catching Photoshop scatter effects.

Photoshop scatter effect tutorial: download our FREE brushes and follow along!

The key to success is in mastering the Brush panel and the wealth of features hidden within. We’ve provided a great set of scatter brushes for you to use on your own images, plus a couple of gritty textures to add depth to the background.

The scatter effect works best on portraits with clean, simple backgrounds. So if you’re planning on shooting your own, photograph someone against a wall or a roll of paper, or alternatively, cut them out and place them on a light backdrop. Then load up the brushes and get scattering!

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13 Useful Photoshop Tips

1. Is that layer really empty?

When working in a multilayered document, it’s easy for lots of layers to stack up very quickly. Perhaps you got a little carried away and didn’t bother naming your layers. Now it’s time to clean up your layer stack and start deleting all the unneeded layers. Have you ever wondered if a layer is empty or not? Here’s a little time-saving tip: Hold down Ctrl key and click on the layer thumbnail. If you get a message that says, “Warning: No pixels were selected,” then you can safely delete the layer because it is indeed empty. If you just wanted to get rid of all empty layers, choose File>Scripts>Delete All Empty Layers.


2. Clean Samples