Quick Tip: The Correct Way to Create Curved Text

Why Curved Text Looks Deformed

Have a look at the two badges below – the one on the left was curved with the Warp Text tool while the other was created on a curved path. At first glance, they both look the same but look closely at the text and you can see that the left-image text is deformed (letters upper-half are enlarged).

Here’s another example with just plain text to better show how the text gets deformed.

Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images

In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial we’ll show you how to combine images with easy Blend mode effects to create striking, dream-like pictures.

Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images

Multiple exposure effects are a great way to creatively combine two or more images.

Traditionally, double exposure portraits were made by exposing the same frame of film more than once.

Photoshop’s Screen Blend mode works in much the same way by multiplying the light values on one layer with those on the layers below.

So the scene can only get brighter, never darker, and white areas stay white.

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Photoshop Tips: Curve your text with the Type tool

Photoshop Tips: Curve your text with the Type tool

Select the Type tool from the Toolbar and click once onto the canvas. Write your message, choose your desired font then set its font size.

With your font and sizing in position, go to the top bar and select Layer>Type>Warp Text. A dialog box will appear, so click onto the Style drop-down menu.

For our purposes we are using Arc, but play around with the other settings to suit your project’s needs.

Photoshop Tips: Curve your text with the Type tool

Move the three sliders and watch how your text alters instantly. Small movements make a big change.

You can position the text with this dialog box still open by just clicking onto it and moving into place.

Applying layer styles help to blend the type into the building.

Photoshop Tips: Curve your text with the Type tool

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Curves preset: Faded Print ($1 download)

If you have Handy Actions, this Curves preset can be called after running the Curves action found there. You can use this preset to create an old faded snapshot look for your image.  It could be useful on scrap pages or ads, or anywhere you need a faded look to an image.

Add-O-Matic will accept Curves presets since version 8, so installing it to Elements is as simple as unzipping it to your desktop and dragging it into the AOM from there.  Then look for it in the drop menu of the Curves dialog:

To use it, first run Handy Actions’ Curves action, and select the preset. Then you can do additional tweaking of the overall curves, if desired (maybe an ‘S’ curve, or the “Inverted ‘S’ Curve” action).

A few before-and-after samples are below.  This effect is subtle, but can be tweaked further for more dramatic effects:

Original With Curves: Faded Print preset

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Add-O-Matic 12 now available


Graffi’s Add-O-Matic 12 released!

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th version and is ready to help you mod Photoshop Elements!

The latest version will work with Windows versions of Elements 11 & 12 as well as Lightroom and supports several new add-on filetypes

[Don't fret if you're still using an older version of Elements - Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10 is now available again]

So what’s new in the latest & greatest edition of the Add-O-Matic?

First up, you’ll notice a brand new interface with the new Graficalicus logo (no more Graffidude).  You’ll also notice a larger drop zone, making it just a bit easier to drag and drop your extra add-on goodies.

On the inside, there are new file types available:

  • Black & White adjustment layer presets (*.blw files)
  • Exposure adjustment layer presets (*.eap)
  • Selective Color adjustment layer presets (*.asv)
  • These new adjustment layers will become available to Photoshop Elements users who also have Handy Actions 12 - so why not grab the Add-O-Matic / Handy Actions Bundle and save a few coins?

There are also a few adjustments to how previously-supported files are handled

  • Photo Effects (aka Actions – *.atn files) are now added to either or both the Photo Effects palette and the Actions palette, introduced in Elements 11, if you so choose
  • Layer Styles now include a generated-on-the-fly .xml file that displays them in both the Effects palette and the toolbar for tools that use layer styles (such as the text tool or the custom shapes tool)

All of this happens with a single drag & drop – drop all your add-ons into the gray drop zone (unzip them first, please!) and click the GO! button.  Add-O-Matic will analyze the file type and store it away for you.

Add-O-Matic is the single best selling extra utility that you can get for Photoshop Elements. It’s the fastest, easiest, no fuss way to trick out your Elements and get the tools you want and need added!

Add-O-Matic for Elements 11-12 & Lightroom:

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Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10:

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Handy Actions, Photo Lab and Glam Photo Updated

Add-O-Matic 12

Add-O-Matic 12

I just finished uploading the newest versions of Handy Actions, Photo Lab & Glam Photo – so new, I haven’t had a chance to update t heir descriptions in the Graffishop yet!

You can check them out & upgrade to Photoshop Elements 12 versions here:

How to Create a Stunning Surreal Landscape

Preview of Final Results

Tutorial Resources

  1. ModelTwilitesMuse
  2. Image BaseCat-in-the-stock
  3. Mountains in the backgroundLyfiar
  4. Mountain in the rightCastock
  5. Mountain in the leftBurtn
  6. RiverFaestock
  7. SkyAustriaangloalliance
  8. TowerDivsm-stock
  9. CastleLilystox

Step 1 – New File

Open a new file, with 1311px of Width and 100px of Height

Step 2 – Gradient Background

Before you add any image, create a gradient to be the base of the image.

Step 3 – Place

To place a image go to the menu File in the option Place.

Step 4 – River

Resize the image of the river like this:

Step 5 – Less Opacity

Reduce the layer opacity to 80% and add a layer mask

Step 6 – Hiding

In the layer mask paint with a black brush to hide parts of the image in this case are the clouds the one’s you need to hide. Select the layer mask in the layer thumbs and with a black brush with 50% of opacity paint over the clouds.

Step 7 -

Like you did before Place the other image of the mountains and resize it. Pick ONE of the corners and press shift to change the the resolution of the image without distortions.

Step 8 – Changing color

Double click in the image thumb, then you will see this window, press ok.

You can also  duplicate the layer to have the original.

Then  press Ctrl + U and press the option colorize, and just reduce the saturation to 12. Now save the image Ctrl + S, now the color will change in your mountains.

Step 9 – Layer mask

Once again add a layer mask and with a soft round black brush paint to make the mountains look like they are part of the image. Reduce the opacity of the layer to 70% so you can see the background.

Step 10 – Layers

Change layer’s order, move the one with the river and set it over the one with the mountains like this:

Step 11 – Details

Now do the same with other details of the image like the castle, Place the image, then resize it and with a layer mask hide the undesired parts of the image, also you can use help from the Magic Wand tool or another selection tool of your choice.

In the image above you can see that using the Magic Wand tool the blue parts of the image are selected.

Pass the black brush over the selected area and the result will be this one:

After that change the size of the image.

How to Create an Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Preview of Final Results


Tutorial Resources

Step 1 – Creating Background

Create new document in Photoshop. Download photo of the sky listed in the beginning of the tutorial and drag it into your new Photoshop document. Name this new layer SKY. It’s a great habit to name all your layers because once you create something more complicated it saves you lot of time finding some layer you want to adjust.