Collection of Grunge Brushes for Photoshop Users

Grunge Brushes for Photoshop users. Here is a good collection of some Grunge Brushes for Photoshop users. Grunge design style is distinguished by its old and fading visual graphics, with either broken or distorted design elements. Follow the links provided to go on to download these brushes for free. You can then load them onto Photoshop for use.

Note: If you have a lot of brush sets that you’d like to load into Elements fast, grab an Add-O-Matic – it will load them for you (as well as actions, styles, presets, and other goodies) with a drag, drop & go.

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th edition, starting with the first Add-O-Matic from way back for Photoshop Elements 5, and it is still the most popular Elements utility available! 

New Now Add-O-Matic now will put all your Lightroom presets away for you, too!
You can grab an Add-O-Matic fast-n-easy by clicking the button below:

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*for Photoshop Elements 6-10, use this link:
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Curves preset: Faded Print ($1 download)

If you have Handy Actions, this Curves preset can be called after running the Curves action found there. You can use this preset to create an old faded snapshot look for your image.  It could be useful on scrap pages or ads, or anywhere you need a faded look to an image.

Add-O-Matic will accept Curves presets since version 8, so installing it to Elements is as simple as unzipping it to your desktop and dragging it into the AOM from there.  Then look for it in the drop menu of the Curves dialog:

To use it, first run Handy Actions’ Curves action, and select the preset. Then you can do additional tweaking of the overall curves, if desired (maybe an ‘S’ curve, or the “Inverted ‘S’ Curve” action).

A few before-and-after samples are below.  This effect is subtle, but can be tweaked further for more dramatic effects:

Original With Curves: Faded Print preset

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Free Download: 5 Folded Paper Overlay Textures

Folded Paper Overlays

The free download gives you five overlay textures at 1334×2000 pixels. If you’re a SparkleStock member, you can download the premium pack which includes 24 overlay textures at 5334×8000 pixels (that’s 40 megapixels!).


Using the overlay textures is simple. Simply drag and drop the image file into your document then set the blending mode to Linear Light.

These overlay textures quickly add a creased paper look to your image but they don’t actually distort it. When up close, you can tell that it’s not real – that’s the downside of using overlay textures. If you want to distort it, you can use the Liquify tool (Filter > Liquify) on your image. But for me, it’s good enough to give the effect.

In case you’re wondering how the 3D text was created, they were created with the 3D Text Creator which is included in your SparkleStock membership or can be purchased on Graphic River or Creative Market.


Download Folded Paper Overlays

5 Folded Paper Overlays (1334x2000px)

Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler – free!

Graffi’s Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11 & 12 is out, with a sampling of new photo effects from the 5 most popular sets available in the Graffishop

The 5 actions included are

Samples of each are below – grab a copy and see if you like them!


Splits your image into 4 slices, puts them on a black background, and gives them a white edge. Each strip is on its own layer so you can move them wherever you want them


Softens and fades the image with a hint of film grain and adds a double frame: a white border with a black hairline


The original starting point for these samples


perfect for portraits – from the Photo Lab photo effects set


from Hipster [Vintage I]

from Hipster [Vintage I] – creates a retro, faded lo-fi look and adds a nifty snapshot frame – all editable by you

Graffi's Photo Effects Sampler for Elements 11-12 Wow! Downloaded 265 times so far!

Freebie: 8 Beautiful & High-res Frosted Backgrounds

Beautifully Blurred Backgrounds for Websites, iOS/Android Apps, and More!

This set contains 8 high-res (10 megapixels) frosted backgrounds. If you’re a SparkleStock member, you get 80 backgrounds and they’re 20 megapixels!


The set contains both daytime and nighttime photos. Because the photos are defocused in camera (instead of in Photoshop), you get the beautiful bokeh and realistic blur that makes your product more professional-looking.


These backgrounds are perfect for iOS/Android apps. And at 10 megapixels, you have more resolution than you need even for the iPad with Retina display!


Preview the Backgrounds

2 1 8 7 5 6 4 3

Download the Frosted Backgrounds

8 Backgrounds, 10 Megapixels

Graffi’s Vintage Lightroom Presets now available!


Graffi’s Lightroom Hipster [Vintage] presets

Just a quick reminder that the new Lightroom Hipster [Vintage] presets are out, and they’re starting to get noticed!

This set includes 23 presets that create vintage, retro, hipster toy camera looks.

And, oh by the way – they’re intro priced 50% off through July 5!

If that’s still too much for you, you might want to enter your name in the giveaway – this time, these are up for grabs to one lucky randomly-chosen entrant.  Just complete the entry (there’s a question you have to answer, but it’s an easy one!) and see if your name comes up.

There’s a gallery off all the effects on the product page – check them out and see what you think!  And, as always – your feedback is appreciated :)

Hipster [Vintage I] Presets for Lightroom now available!

Finally!These are in the shop and on sale 50% off through this Sunday (Father’s Day, so grab them up for Dad the shutterbug!)

23 presets for creating beautiful vintage, retro, colorful and b-w images


These presets have been created especially for recreating a vintage retro Instagram-ish look. Please check out the samples gallery to see some examples of them in action.

To get them into Lightroom, simply choose the [Load] button in your Lightroom Develop Module.

Hipster[Vintage I] for Lightroom Samples Galleries

Lightroom Presets for creating a variety of vintage, retro, “instagram-ish” images

Check the gallery links to view some image samples for the effects in this preset collection

Gallery 1 Gallery 2Gallery 3


Freebie: 5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

Skin Retouching Actions Preview

To retouch skin, simply play an action then paint over the areas that you want to retouch. They’re extremely easy to use and a rough paint will work – you don’t need to be too precise.

The skin airbrushing action makes skin look smoother without losing skin details.

Here’s a video preview of what you can achieve with these Photoshop actions. Note: The video uses the SparkleStock version of this action that contains 20 retouching actions rather than 5.

Download the Retouching Actions

5 Retouching Actions

Freebie: 8 Seamless Paper Textures

Paper Texture Preview

This package contains 8 paper textures (30 if you’re a SparkleStock member) and they come as Photoshop patterns and JPEG images. They’re high-res at 2048×2048 pixels and can be tiled seamlessly.

Improve your artwork. Instantly enhance your layers by overlaying a paper texture.

How to Use These Paper Textures

Download the Paper Textures

8 Seamless Paper Textures

30 Seamless Paper Textures