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Oak Island Sunrise Photography & Free Download

I got up really early while on vacation. I have always wanted to try doing some sunrise photography, so these are some of my first attempts.

All the settings I used are saved in the EXIF; if you don’t have an exif reader, here they are:

  • Nikon D3300
  • Nikkor 60.0 mm f/2.8
  • Neewar wide-angle adapter
  • ƒ/8.0
  • ISO 200
  • I used my handy Sony tripod (duh!)
  • Shot while tethered to my Samsung Note4 using DSLR Dashboard app
  • As the sun rose, I varied between 1-13 second exposure times
  • Processed in Lightroom 5 with a new preset created just for sunrise photography (download it below!)

I also have posted these to my Facebook page and my Flickr & 500px feeds – hope to hear your feedback!


Sunrise Lightroom 5 preset Wow! Downloaded 30 times so far!

HIPSTER[toy camera] posting image

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The Photographer’s Starter Kit

I’ve put together a guide for those of you who are starting out with photography. Here is a listing of things I call the “The Photographer Starter Kit.” Read more →


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Graffi's Action Effects for Photoshop Elements Sampler Pack - 7 effects from the most popular sets in the Graffishop

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