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11 Facts About PhotoLab That Will Impress Your Friends

PhotoLab (a Photoshop Elements Actions set) for Photoshop Elements was updated this week and now supports for Photoshop Elements 13. Now this pack boasts an installer for Windows versions of Elements 11-13, plus all the actions, thumbnails & xml files for a custom manual install for Mac users. Photographers go wild! Read more →

Free Download: Hipster [Durham] action for Photoshop / Elements

Here is a free action download for Elements & Photoshop: these two actions are from the upcoming Hipster [vintage I] set for Elements. The download includes all the files you’ll need to get them working in Elements: the action (.atn) files, the .xml metafiles and a thumbnail for each. Installation instructions are also included. Bonus – there’s a link below for the… Read more →

Add-O-Matic 12 now available

Add-O-Matic is now in its 8th version and is ready to help you mod Photoshop Elements! The latest version will work with Windows versions of Elements 11 & 12 as well as Lightroom and supports several new add-on filetypes [Don’t fret if you’re still using an older version of Elements – Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10 is now available again] So… Read more →


Hipster[Light Leak] Actions + Gradient

Here’s the second release (but the first “official” release – see the adjustment layer actions & crop script release, too) of the Hipster[ … ] effect series made especially for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This first set included some Hipster basics: a few adjustment layer actions not readily available for Photoshop Elements users, the now-famous square crop script, some edge blurring… Read more →

New Photoshop Adjustment Layers for Photoshop Elements 11

A fun secret about Photoshop Elements 11: some Photoshop Adjustment Layers can be used in Elements! Specifically, Black and White, Color Balance, Exposure and Selective Color adjustments can be added with the actions downloadable below.  Note that these will only be available for limited time! They will be included in the updated Handy Actions set early in 2013. Add-O-Matic will… Read more →

Fake HDR Effect (Action for Photoshop or Elements)

i’m slowly adding more actions to this blog as my obligations to my “real” jobs finally eases up a bit (corporate downsizing and reorganizing only means that the ones who remain have to do twice the work). This effect creates another fake HDR (high dynamic range) effect, which means that the image looks sharper, brighter, crisper and more contrast-y. It will… Read more →