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How to Correct Skin Tones and Stylize Your Photo in Photoshop

There are million ways to edit and stylize your photos in post production. Some of the methods can be quite daunting for photographers that are new to the world of Photoshop, which is why Aaron Nace is here to show us one of the approaches he takes when editing his photos:

Adding a Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Below you will see the sample image Nace works on throughout the video. While he really likes the composition and content of the image, the color temperature and skin tones don’t sit well with him, so he walks us through how he adjusts them.

Lightroom Presets: HIPSTER [toy camera] released

Snap 2014-07-20 at 14.27.59Released today – click the link, then share to your favorite social media site, for an immediate 10% off

I’ve been tweaking these for almost a year, first in Lightroom 4 and finished in Lightroom 5, and I’m pleased to be able to finally load them to the shop!

I’d love to get a review on them – if you write a review, it will give you 10% off (if you SHARE your review, it will give ANOTHER 10% off for a total of 20%off your entire cart!

Killer Lightroom tips: 10 things you never knew you could do in Adobe’s software

Killer Lightroom tips: 10 things you never knew you could do in Adobe's Photoshop alternative

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular raw conversion and image editing software packages around, and now that it is supplied with Photoshop CC as part of Adobe’s photography plan, it’s being used by even more people. In this article we take a look at a few Lightroom tricks that this powerful package has up its sleeve.

Creative Photoshop ideas: how to merge portraits with graphics for fantastic effects

Recently we showed you a simple way to create dream-like double-exposure portraits in Photoshop. In our latest Photoshop Elements tutorial we show you how to merge portraits with some of the free graphics that come with the software to make creative, surrealist images.

Creative Photoshop ideas: how to combine portraits with graphics for fantastic effects

This surreal effect may look intricate and complicated, but merely by making use of the graphics and backgrounds that ship with Elements, it’s something that anybody can do, and on any portrait they like.

We’re making use of a simple graphic called Brass Leaves, which you’ll find within the hundreds of graphics, frames and effects that come with Elements, in our tutorial. However, if you prefer, you could always use one of the other graphics.

By duplicating and reshaping the leaves in different ways you can build up an entire bush.

Once that’s been done, all you have to do is duplicate the cut-out face we’ve provided and ‘clip’ it to each layer, before applying a Drop Shadow layer style and changing the colours.

To round things off, drop in a suitably green leafy background, also taken from the Elements graphics library.

Along the way we’ll repeatedly use one of Photoshop’s most useful and underused shortcuts – the humble Alt key.

Let loose on the Layers Panel, it enables you to make speedy copies of layers, styles, masks and adjustments. It also lets you ‘clip’ a layer to the shape of the layer beneath. Here’s how it works…

Four Reasons to Display Photos of Your Children

As parents and photographers, we take thousands and thousands of photos of our children every year. Looking at my Lightroom catalogue from last year, I have over 3000 photos of the kids, and that doesn’t include all the pictures I took with my phone camera!

Amy lee 3

In our house, the camera is always out. I take pictures of them throughout the day, no matter what they’re doing. The kids know the camera is a part of our lives, and they don’t act differently when they see me taking pictures of them, as some adults would.

I’m a big believer that photos are too precious to live on computers. Hard drives fail and images can get lost so your best insurance is having the tangible photo right in front of you. Twice a year I go through thousands of our photos to print a few for display, I recommend you do this also.

Amy lee 2

In our house, we use photos as home decor. We have a couple large collections of photos throughout the house, smaller prints displayed everywhere, as well as photobooks alongside the framed photos.

These photos really are a gift because it helps us remember how much we are loved, and it reminds us how blessed we are to have each other. There are times when I have had a bad day and seeing a photo of us laughing and hugging each other reset my mind and helped me remember what is most important.

Aside from these reasons, here are four other reasons why you as parents (or grandparents) should display photos of your kids

How to use the Contrast Checker Technique to Give Your Images More Punch

I am about to reveal a technique that will have your images looking awesome in seconds every time you use it. I am even going to share the Photoshop Action with you so you can edit in lazy mode, I mean efficiency mode! Before I bare all, I need to give you some background information, and I am pretty sure you have been in the exact same position at some point in your photography hobby or career.

DPS Tutorial Image 9

5 Tips for Doing Photography from the Hip

Photographing from the hip is, quite literally, having your camera near or resting on your hip and pressing the shutter button. This photography method is typically used in street photography when the photographer wants to take candid, incognito photos. But, sometimes, trying this as a deliberate photography method is just as fun. It forces you to change your perspective, your vision and your creative eye. You start to look at the scene as a bigger picture rather than as a tunnel vision through your viewfinder. Plus, if your family is anything like mine, where they turn away and run the opposite direction when you bring out the camera, this technique is a great way to get candid pictures of difficult, and uncooperative subjects.

Photographing From The Hip Sheep Herder Walking With Flock of Sheep By Memorable Jaunts

When you put your eye to the viewfinder, often times you lose focus of all the other elements and entities beyond your line of vision. Photographing from the hip gives you, the artist, freedom to shift your perspective and opens up opportunities for alternative compositions for your images. Use it for personal projects or client sessions where you view the scene in front of you quite differently than what you actually capture in your camera. Travel photography is another great place to use this method of photography for an alternative perspective.

Photographing From The Hip Chilly Morning In India By Memorable Jaunts

There are some tips and tricks you may want to consider to get the best images from this angle of doing photography from the hip.

Lightroom tips: how to import, organise and add metadata to your photos

Discover how to take your first steps with Adobe Lightroom and explain how to import photos in Lightroom 5, how to add metadata and then organise your images into collections.

Lightroom tips: how to import, organise and add metadata to your photos

Lightroom enables you to take the tedium out of keeping your photos organised, by providing easy ways to add keywords to photos as you import them.

This means you can keep images organised into collections based on everything from the subject to the ISO used.

You may well have thousands of photos that are scattered across numerous folders on your PC, as well as on external drives and memory cards.

Lightroom gathers images from multiple folders and external hard drives and stores a link to them in its Catalog, regardless of their locations.

Lightroom will also keep your photos organised in a variety of ways. In addition to creating themed collections, for instance, you can even set up Smart Collections, which automatically collect files that meet specific criteria.