15 Years is Long Enough!

With a heavy heart, I’ve decided to bring graficalicus.com to an end.

This place has been my online home for 15 years, with the very first incarnation of graficalicus.com launching way back in 2003. Through the years, I’ve created a great network of friends, shared some cool tips and tricks, created a large pile of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets, and the ever-popular Add-O-Matic.

My photography has improved and my interests have changed, though. I’m going back towards my roots of doing more creating, both photography, digital art and real-life building and crafting.

However, since I know there is still a pretty large demand for Lightroom and Photoshop goodies, as well as the Add-O-Matic, I’ll be moving all of these items over to my new interweb space  Miki-Tiki.

I’ll be posting wood crafts, contruction tutorials, photos, videos and rants and raves about tiki life, craft beer, woodworking, and whatever else I’m interested in at any given time. I hope you’ll follow me over there as I start to build that space, and am thankful for all of you!




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