Hi, everyone! Did you think I fell off the earth?  I’ve been hanging around, helping with the occasional request, and still working in the background here, but contemplating numerous changes (including a domain name change)

My regular job has become increasingly busier, as I’ve taken on several projects over the past several months, and it’s been keeping me hopping and exhausted by the end of the day. I’ve also gone back to school! I should graduate in early 2017 with a nice shiny new degree.

I do plan on continuing Graficalicus.com, but in a limited fashion for the remainder of 2017. I have several new Lightroom presets I’ve been using, and will eventually put them into a package and offer them up for download. Thanks for sticking around (and following on the various social media I’m active on) and I hope to be back soon!


Mike (Graffi)

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