Pseudo Panning Photoshop Action Download – free!

Pseudo Panning Action for Photoshop and Elements
The action as it appears in the Photoshop Elements Effects palette

Pseudo Panning Photoshop Action Download – free!

What is “Pseudo Panning”? I have no idea – but it’s what came to mind when I was creating this Photoshop action download.

I was trying to create an effect of rain running down a window and blurring, distorting and twisting what was behind it, but instead I wound up with an effect that looks like the camera was jostled or jiggled while the shutter was pressed.

Usually, that leads to images that are throw aways, but I thought that on certain types of images – images with strong vertical lines, like buildings or trees – this effect is pretty cool. I can think of several applications: advertisements, backgrounds, posters or labels, just off the top of my head.

Try it! The blur effect is adjustable, so you can decide how much or how little your image needs.

Pseudo Panning Action Wow! Downloaded 332 times so far!

I’d love to hear your feedback or see what you create with it! Here are a few sample images I’ve done using Photoshop Elements 13, with before & after images

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