Neutral Density Filter Simulator & FilterSim – 25% off deal

Graduated Neutral Density Filter Simulator actions
Lens Filter FilterSim 81E
FilterSim 81E Filter Simulator Action

Graffishop Bulletin:

If you add both Graduated Neutral Density Filter Actions & FilterSim to your cart, you get an automatic 25% off the Neutral Density Filters, and a free Sampler thrown in for good measure!

This coupon code is only good for a limited time, so grab these actions (73 actions in total, which includes 65 Kodak Wratten-inspired Photo Filters, plus 8 neutral density filter simulators,  plus Photoshop Action Sets for your Elements Actions palette, plus full manual installations instructions for Elements users) right away.

If you only want one set, or don’t want to join the shop, use the links below to order fast. The download link will be automatically sent to you upon checkout completion.

FilterSim Action set

Graduated Neutral Density Action set


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