On the Seventh Day of Christmas – Fill Percentage Layer Styles!

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas Graffi gave to me – Fill Percentage Layer Styles!

Fill Percentage Layer Styles free download
Fill Percentage Layer Styles in the Photoshop Elements 13 workspace

These layer styles are in incremental at 10% – 90% stops.And they’re all yours for Christmas!

How does the Fill differ from layer opacity?

While the Opacity of a layer affects the overall content of a layer, the Fill Percentage of a layer only affects that layer’s pixels, but not other things like drop shadows or other styles.

Try them on shapes or text with a drop shadow layer style to fade the letters while leaving the shadow!

Opacity 50
The Opacity of this sample is set to 50%

Here’s an example:

Fill Percentage 20
The Fill Percentage of the text layer is set to 20%. The layer styles are not affected

I created a Text layer above my image, added a Stroke, a Bevel & an outer glow. Reducing the opacity of this to 50% gives the result on the left.

However, leaving the opacity set to 100% and using the 20% Fill Percentage gives the result to the right.

Play around with different layer styles first, adding a drop shadow or a bevel or stroke, and then add one of the Fill Percentage Layer Styles. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Fill Percentage Layer Styles Wow! Downloaded 277 times so far!

[sc:Add-O-Matic ]

Add-O-Matic for Photoshop Elements 11-12

Add-O-Matic for Photoshop Elements 6-10

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