On the Tenth Day of Christmas Free Lens Simulator Actions!

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Lens Filter FilterSim Effects Palette
The FilterSim pack as seen in the Photoshop Elements 13 Effects palette

Lens Filter Simulator Actions

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Graffi gave to me – a set of 65 Simulated Lens Filter Actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! Once these are in the Graffishop, they’ll be called FilterSim Actions and will sell for $15, but they are yours free now through the 12 Days of Christmas!

This is a completely updated set from the earlier version of lens simulators I’ve posted here in my blog. They are based on the original Kodak Wratten lens filters / optical filters that are used in photography to filter out certain colors of light, giving you a lot of control over the final output. They are excellent for fixing or altering white balance for either adjustment or effect.

After running the actions, you can also toggle on or off the topmost adjustment layer for a color or B&W image. They are very versatile for creating different moods, adjusting lighting, adding color casts or toning effects, and creating some exceptional B&W images.

Please also refer to this Filter Simulator Descriptions & Uses (Word .doc) for a quick reference on how and when to use these filters. It’s also included in the download below.

Samples Using the Filter Simulator Actions:

The split-screen samples below show the original input image on the left and the filtered in the middle and the B&W filtered image on the right.

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