On the FIRST Day of Christmas – a Free Download: Snowfall Action Effect!

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Snowfall_Effect free download
the Snowfall Effect in the Elements Effects palette

On the FIRST Day of Christmas, Graffi gave to me – a free download! This Snowfall action is slightly different from the version included n Photoshop Elements in that it leaves the snowfall layer intact so you can manipulate it however you want it.

Note: It works best on images that are roughly 1200 – 1500 pixels on their long edge, so you may want to try resizing your image if the effect isn’t what you were hoping for. The smaller the image, the fatter the snowflakes will be..

The Snowfall action was previously available only in the (now discontinued) FunFotoFXaction pack.

Included in the download are the action, a .png thumbnail, a metafile.xl, and installation instructions

Snowfall Wow! Downloaded 276 times so far!

If you use Photoshop Elements 6 – 12, you can add this and many other types of add-ons with just a click and a drag with the Add-O-Matic, the #1 utility for Photoshop Elements! Find it in the Graffishop, or grab yours hassle-free with one of the links below:

Add-O-Matic for Elements 11-12 & Lightroom

Add-O-Matic for Elements 6-10

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