On the Fifth Day of Christmas, 25% off deal

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A fast simple 25% off deal today! On the fifth day of Christmas, you can get 25% off everything in the Graffishop!

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in the Graffishop, share a page for 10% off

And you can increase that just by sharing on your favorite social network.

On the left side of every page, you’ll see these social media links. Click one, and out will pop a dialog page that allows you to post your thoughts – and receive an additional 10% off coupon code!

Review1But wait – there’s more: there are also reviews. You can write a review and receive 10% off, then you can SHARE your review for another 10% off – 20% off just for writing a review and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.!

The only reason I do this is because it’s the only marketing I use. I don’t buy GoogleAds or Facebook Ads, I don’t troll online forums and chatboards, and i’m betting you have never received a single non-solicited email from me, ever – because I don’t spam, either.

But also, thank you for your support, and more goodies will be available tomorrow and through Christmas Eve!

Reviews are written by real people, so you know they aren’t just planted.


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