11 Facts About PhotoLab That Will Impress Your Friends


PhotoLab for Photoshop Elements
PhotoLab for Photoshop Elements – 39 most excellent actions for your Photoshop Elements palettes

PhotoLab for Photoshop Elements was updated this week, with new support for Photoshop Elements 13. Now this pack boasts an installer for Windows versions of Elements 11-13, plus all the actions, thumbnails & xml files for a custom manual install for Mac users.

If you want to impress your friends, both in the real world and in cyberspace, check out these fascinating facts about one of the flagship packs available in the Graffishop:

  1. PhotoLab has 39 effects, and it includes all of the actions, thumbnails & xml files for an Elements installation
  2. If you use Elements 6-10, or you are a Mac or Photoshop user, PhotoLab also includes a single action set, which has all 39 actions in it – perfect for loading into Photoshop or into the Elements Action palette
  3. The included installer will put all the files in the right place for you, including the set for the Actions palette, in your Windows Elements 11-13 installation
  4. It can be purchased through the Graffishop, where you can create an account and earn dividend points that can be used for other products or upgrades – as well as share and get 10 – 20% off – or it can be purchased in a no-frills way below, where a download link is emailed to you after going through the PayPal process
  5. PhotoLab was originally called B&W Lab because it had actions that tapped into a hidden feature of Elements that allowed you to change to LAB (Lightness – A – B) mode. LAB mode allowed for amazing conversions to B&W within Elements. Unfortunately, Adobe slammed that door shut around Elements 10, so it was renamed PhotoLab.
  6. With Photoshop Elements 8, this set was renamed Portrait Lab, since so many of the actions worked best on portraits. That name became confusing with the other actions set GlamPhoto, so it was changed to PhotoLab with the release of Photoshop Elements 10.
  7. There were originally over 60 different actions included in B&W Lab that allowed for black and white conversions (along with other kinds of conversions like sepia, semi-desaturated, faded, and color-adjusting effects), but since many relied on LAB mode, that number has been whittled down to the current 39. 16 of these 39 actions are some variety of B&W conversion.
  8. Like all of the other action sets I create, I leave the layers intact for further editing or tweaking on your part. Many other action creators make “Flatten Image” the final action step, which obliterates the layers that create the look. Where applicable, all my layers stay as they were created, which allows you to blur, transform, filter, change blend mode and/or opacity, and leaves the final look up to you to tweak as you see fit.
  9. I personally used the actions in PhotoLab for over a year before deciding to pack them up into a bundle, make an installer package, and offer it for sale in the original Graffishop. Since then, it has consistently been one of the top four sellers each year (often only eclipsed by the #1 all-time best seller Add-O-Matic in popularity)
  10. The thumbnails in this version of PhotoLab are from a photo I took on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. The palm trees really are that beautiful, and the water is as clear as glass, and the most gorgeous shade of blue-green that you have ever seen in your life. Sea turtles (tortugas!) lay their eggs on the beaches during the late summer months (you can see their tracks & nests early in the morning), but I have yet to catch one in a photo. Maybe someday…
  11. The model on the cover – and in numerous other photos scattered across my blog and other product sample shots – is my lovely (and patient) bride. We’ve been married for nearly two decades and still are best friends!

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Grab PhotoLab for Photoshop Elements in the Graffishop, or get it no-muss-no-fuss here (a download link will be emailed to you after completing the transaction)

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