Graffi’s Photo Filters updated for Elements 13 + Manual install option

See this post for the latest version of these popular actions

Awhile back (around 2005 or so) I made a complete set of actions that recreate the original Kodak Wratten lens filters.

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I’ve updated the installer for Photoshop Elements and you can grab it here!

Toggle on or off these different layers to see the different variations possible using these lens filter simulators. They are very versatile for creating different moods, adjusting lighting, adding color casts or toning effects, and creating some exceptional B&W images. This is not intended as a one-click action set; rather, it’s intended to be a starting place for creating black-and-white or color-saturated retouches to your images.

If you like these effects for Photoshop Elements, please consider spreading the word through any blogs, forums, newsgroups or other online social media venues. Graficalicus doesn’t have an advertising budget, so I definitely appreciate any kind words you can post. Thank you!

Check out some image samples, and check out the full listing of filters in this set by clicking the “read more” link:

The set includes all 65 of the original Kodak filters, and there’s a description of the set below:

  • #1A Kodak Wratten : UV Skylight filter (Use outdoors to reduce blue and add warmth)
  • #2A Kodak Wratten : Haze, Pale Yellow, UV (Reduce excess blue caused by haze. Ideal for mountain, aerial & marine scenes
  • #2B Kodak Wratten : 415 (Absorbs ultraviolet radiation under clear sky conditions, reducing blue casts and haze)
  • #2E Kodak Wratten : Pale Yellow (Reduces bluish cast & haze. Also UV absorbing)
  • #3 Kodak Wratten : Schott CG 455 (Light Yellow Filter – removes excess blue in aerial photos. Recommended for landscapes when the sun is positioned low)
  • #8 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 2 (022, Schott CG 495) (Tonal correction outdoors with panchromatic film. Produces greater contrast in clouds against blue skis and foliage. Used for creating B&W images)
  • #9 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 3 (023, Schott OG 515) (Deep yellow for strong cloud contrast; used in B&W images.)
  • #12 Kodak Wratten : Yellow (099, Schott OG 530) (Minus-Blue; cuts haze in outdoors, excess blue of full moon in astrophotography)
  • #15 Kodak Wratten : Deep Yellow (G) (Used mostly for B&W images. Renders dramatic dark skies, marine scenes or aerial B&W photos. Enhances contrast)
  • #16 Kodak Wratten : Yellow-Orange (040, Schott CG) (Deeper than #5; darkens blue and violet as well as green & yellow-green; for all landscape & architectural photography which require clear contours. Popular for nudes under natural light.)
  • #18A Kodak Wratten : UV (Has no effect on digital images)
  • #21 Kodak Wratten : Orange (Absorbs blues and blue-greens; renders blue tones darker)
  • #32 Kodak Wratten : Magenta (Minus-green (#12 is minus-blue; #44A is minus-red))
  • #80A Kodak Wratten : KB 15 (Converts daylight film for use with 3200*K lamps; good for indoors lit by 100w or less incandescent bulbs)
  • #80B Kodak Wratten : KB12 (Converts daylight film for 3400*k lamps; use to avoid strong yellow-orange color tones)
  • #80C Kodak Wratten : (For use with clear flash & daylight color film)
  • #80D Kodak Wratten : (Converts tungsten light to daylight)
  • #81 Kodak Wratten : Amber (Light balancing yellowish warming filter)
  • #81A Kodak Wratten : Amber (Balances daylight films to electronic flash; corrects Type B film for use with 3400*k lamps; prevents excessive blue – perfect for overcast days)
  • #81B Kodak Wratten : Amber (Warmer than #81A)
  • #81C Kodak Wratten : KR 3 (Permits the use of clear flash lamps; prevents blue cast in cloudy/rainy weather; use under cloudless skies – mountain, seaside or midday sun)
  • #81D Kodak Wratten : Amber (Allows Kodachrome Type A color film to be used with flash – 500k warming filter)
  • #81E Kodak Wratten : Amber (Good for open summer shade where most light is from a blue sky)
  • #82 Kodak Wratten : (for any 100* increase in Kelvin temp for color rendering)
  • #82A Kodak Wratten : KB 1.5 (reduce reds with daylight film when the sun is low on the horizon)
  • #82B Kodak Wratten : (For cooler results)
  • #82C Kodak Wratten : KB 3 (for cooler results; cooling filter)
  • #85 Kodak Wratten : KR 12 (Converts Type A tungsten film to daylight; use with electronic flash)
  • #85B Kodak Wratten : KR 15 (Converts Type B film to daylight; use in mountain scenes)
  • #85C Kodak Wratten : Amber (For warmer results with daylight film)
  • #85N3 Kodak Wratten : Amber (Used to provide significant color temperature changes)
  • #102 Kodak Wratten : Yellow-green (Converts photocell response to luminosity response)
  • #11 Kodak Wratten : Green 1 X1 (060) (Nice outdoor filter for pleasing flesh tones in portraits against a blue sky; use before converting to B&W to render landscapes, foliage or natural sky)
  • #22 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 8 (041, Schott OG 570) (Red-Orange; corrects rendition of sky, cloud, dramatic stormy clouds, or foliage; use before converting to B&W)
  • #23A Kodak Wratten : light Red (Contrast effects; darkens sky & water; architectural photos; suppresses purple, blue and green; brightens red, orange, yellow-orange and yellow)
  • #24 Kodak Wratten : Red (090, Schott RG 595) (darkens blue skies and sun-cast shadows; strong contrast effects; darkens diffuse reflection from foliage)
  • #25 Kodak Wratten : Red 1 (Dramatic sky effects; can simulate moonlit scenes)
  • #26 Kodak Wratten : Red
  • #29 Kodak Wratten : Deep Red (091, Schott RG 625) (strong contrasts)
  • #33 Kodak Wratten : Magenta (Strong green absorption)
  • #34A Kodak Wratten : Violet (minus-green/plus-blue for images shot under fluorescent lighting)
  • #38A Kodak Wratten : Blue (Covers blue and green; contrast filter for some UV and green absorption; increases contrast in B&W of yellow or orange subjects)
  • #39 Kodak Wratten : Blue (Contrast filter)
  • #44 Kodak Wratten : Light blue-green (minus-red filter)
  • #44A Kodak Wratten : Minus-red (Emphasizes blue and green)
  • #47 Kodak Wratten : Dark Blue (Accentuates haze & fog; adds contrast)
  • #47A Kodak Wratten : Light Blue (special effects)
  • #47B Kodak Wratten : Dark Blue (special effects)
  • #58 Kodak Wratten : Dark Green (special effects; adds detail to light foliage)
  • #61 Kodak Wratten : Dark green (Extreme lightening of foliage; great for springtime landscape images)
  • #70 Kodak Wratten : Red (Schott RG 665)
  • #74 Kodak Wratten : Dark Green
  • #85N6 Kodak Wratten : Amber (significant changes in color temperature of lighting)
  • #85N9 Kodak Wratten : Amber (significant changes in color temperature of lighting)
  • #87 Kodak Wratten : Infra Red (Schott RG 780) (Infrared filter – greater than 770nm)
  • #87C Kodak Wratten : Infrared (093, Schott RG 830) (infrared filter; filters the entire spectrum)
  • #87B Kodak Wratten : Infrared
  • #88B Kodak Wratten : Infrared
  • #89B Kodak Wratten : Infrared (infrared photos; esp aerial)
  • #90 Kodak Wratten : Dark grayish Amber (monochrome images)
  • #92 Kodak Wratten : Red
  • #96 Kodak Wratten : Dark Grayish Amber (neutralizing; controls luminance)
  • #98 Kodak Wratten : Blue
  • #99 Kodak Wratten : Green
  • #106 Kodak Wratten : Amber

Windows Elements version, with automatic installer:

Manual Installation Package (Windows & Mac Elements & Photoshop users):

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  1. July 17, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Wow, this looks awesome! 😀

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    I installed and the first one I tried was great. Thanks for all the work!

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    WOW!! thank you, these are going to be amazing! you rock

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