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How to Make Your Photos Look Hipster with Photoshop

Turn your mainstream photos into retro coolness. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to apply a retro/lomo photo effect using professional non-destructive editing techniques. Youll need Photoshop CS3 or newer to follow this tutorial.

Chocolate Bar Text Effect

Material Image This tutorial explains how to create a simple pattern, then using it along with a couple of layer styles to make a chocolate bar like text effect.

Type: Photoshop Tutorials
Level: Beginner

Graffi’s Photo Filters updated for Elements 10 + Manual install option

Awhile back (around 2005 or so) I made a complete set of actions that recreate the original Kodak Wratten lens filters.

Wow. :|22-filter-2

I’ve updated the installer for Photoshop Elements (it also installs to Elements 7-9 ) and you can grab it at the bottom of this post. There are two different versions: the Windows version with installer will set you back $2, but if you choose to manually install (Windows or Mac users, or Photoshop users who don’t need an installer) it’s just $1.

Sowhat do they do?These actions will create several new layers on a duplicate of your original image: from the bottom of the Layers palette to the top with a variety of color and tone options:

  • the Background layer will be the original (flattened) image
  • there will be a desaturated Background Copy layer
  • the filter in a color layer set to a soft light blend
  • the filter in a color layer set to a color burn blend
  • a topmost Hue/Saturation adjustment.
  • ALL layers remain fully adjustable after the action completes.

Toggle on or off these different layers to see the different variations possible using these lens filter simulators. They are very versatile for creating different moods, adjusting lighting, adding color casts or toning effects, and creating some exceptional B&W images. This is not intended as a one-click action set; rather, it’s intended to be a starting place for creating black-and-white or color-saturated retouches to your images.

If you like these effects for Photoshop Elements, please consider spreading the word through any blogs, forums, newsgroups or other online social media venues. Graficalicus doesn’t have an advertising budget, so I definitely appreciate any kind words you can post. Thank you!

Windows Elements version, with automatic installer:

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Manual Installation Package (Windows & Mac Elements & Photoshop users):
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Check out some image samples, and check out the full listing of filters in this set by clicking the “read more” link: