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UPDATE: Check out this post for the newest version, now with Photoshop Elements 9 support

Therewas a request earlier for a set of simulated lens filters for 35mm cameras.  Awhile back (2005 or so) I made a complete set of actions that recreate the original Kodak Wratten lens filters.

I’ve updated the installer for Photoshop Elements 7 & 8 (not Elements 6 or earlier, though) and you can grab it at the bottom of this post – free (at least for now – demand will dictate if they stay free).  The actions all create several layers, with different blend modes and opacities.  You can easily mix-and-match the layers to experiment with the different combinations, and you can also adjust opacity & blend mode easily.

This is not intended as a one-click action set; rather, it’s intended to be a starting place for creating black-and-white or color-saturated retouches to your images.

The set includes all 65 of the original Kodak filters, and there’s a description of the set below:

  • #1A Kodak Wratten : UV Skylight filter (Use outdoors to reduce blue and add warmth)
  • #2A Kodak Wratten : Haze, Pale Yellow, UV (Reduce excess blue caused by haze. Ideal for mountain, aerial & marine scenes
  • #2B Kodak Wratten : 415 (Absorbs ultraviolet radiation under clear sky conditions, reducing blue casts and haze)
  • #2E Kodak Wratten : Pale Yellow (Reduces bluish cast & haze. Also UV absorbing)
  • #3 Kodak Wratten : Schott CG 455 (Light Yellow Filter – removes excess blue in aerial photos. Recommended for landscapes when the sun is positioned low)
  • #8 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 2 (022, Schott CG 495) (Tonal correction outdoors with panchromatic film. Produces greater contrast in clouds against blue skis and foliage. Used for creating B&W images)
  • #9 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 3 (023, Schott OG 515) (Deep yellow for strong cloud contrast; used in B&W images.)
  • #12 Kodak Wratten : Yellow (099, Schott OG 530) (Minus-Blue; cuts haze in outdoors, excess blue of full moon in astrophotography)
  • #15 Kodak Wratten : Deep Yellow (G) (Used mostly for B&W images. Renders dramatic dark skies, marine scenes or aerial B&W photos. Enhances contrast)
  • #16 Kodak Wratten : Yellow-Orange (040, Schott CG) (Deeper than #5; darkens blue and violet as well as green & yellow-green; for all landscape & architectural photography which require clear contours. Popular for nudes under natural light.)
  • #18A Kodak Wratten : UV (Has no effect on digital images)
  • #21 Kodak Wratten : Orange (Absorbs blues and blue-greens; renders blue tones darker)
  • #32 Kodak Wratten : Magenta (Minus-green (#12 is minus-blue; #44A is minus-red))
  • #80A Kodak Wratten : KB 15 (Converts daylight film for use with 3200*K lamps; good for indoors lit by 100w or less incandescent bulbs)
  • #80B Kodak Wratten : KB12 (Converts daylight film for 3400*k lamps; use to avoid strong yellow-orange color tones)
  • #80C Kodak Wratten : (For use with clear flash & daylight color film)
  • #80D Kodak Wratten : (Converts tungsten light to daylight)
  • #81 Kodak Wratten : Amber (Light balancing yellowish warming filter)
  • #81A Kodak Wratten : Amber (Balances daylight films to electronic flash; corrects Type B film for use with 3400*k lamps; prevents excessive blue – perfect for overcast days)
  • #81B Kodak Wratten : Amber (Warmer than #81A)
  • #81C Kodak Wratten : KR 3 (Permits the use of clear flash lamps; prevents blue cast in cloudy/rainy weather; use under cloudless skies – mountain, seaside or midday sun)
  • #81D Kodak Wratten : Amber (Allows Kodachrome Type A color film to be used with flash – 500k warming filter)
  • #81E Kodak Wratten : Amber (Good for open summer shade where most light is from a blue sky)
  • #82 Kodak Wratten : (for any 100* increase in Kelvin temp for color rendering)
  • #82A Kodak Wratten : KB 1.5 (reduce reds with daylight film when the sun is low on the horizon)
  • #82B Kodak Wratten : (For cooler results)
  • #82C Kodak Wratten : KB 3 (for cooler results; cooling filter)
  • #85 Kodak Wratten : KR 12 (Converts Type A tungsten film to daylight; use with electronic flash)
  • #85B Kodak Wratten : KR 15 (Converts Type B film to daylight; use in mountain scenes)
  • #85C Kodak Wratten : Amber (For warmer results with daylight film)
  • #85N3 Kodak Wratten : Amber (Used to provide significant color temperature changes)
  • #102 Kodak Wratten : Yellow-green (Converts photocell response to luminosity response)
  • #11 Kodak Wratten : Green 1 X1 (060) (Nice outdoor filter for pleasing flesh tones in portraits against a blue sky; use before converting to B&W to render landscapes, foliage or natural sky)
  • #22 Kodak Wratten : Yellow 8 (041, Schott OG 570) (Red-Orange; corrects rendition of sky, cloud, dramatic stormy clouds, or foliage; use before converting to B&W)
  • #23A Kodak Wratten : light Red (Contrast effects; darkens sky & water; architectural photos; suppresses purple, blue and green; brightens red, orange, yellow-orange and yellow)
  • #24 Kodak Wratten : Red (090, Schott RG 595) (darkens blue skies and sun-cast shadows; strong contrast effects; darkens diffuse reflection from foliage)
  • #25 Kodak Wratten : Red 1 (Dramatic sky effects; can simulate moonlit scenes)
  • #26 Kodak Wratten : Red
  • #29 Kodak Wratten : Deep Red (091, Schott RG 625) (strong contrasts)
  • #33 Kodak Wratten : Magenta (Strong green absorption)
  • #34A Kodak Wratten : Violet (minus-green/plus-blue for images shot under fluorescent lighting)
  • #38A Kodak Wratten : Blue (Covers blue and green; contrast filter for some UV and green absorption; increases contrast in B&W of yellow or orange subjects)
  • #39 Kodak Wratten : Blue (Contrast filter)
  • #44 Kodak Wratten : Light blue-green (minus-red filter)
  • #44A Kodak Wratten : Minus-red (Emphasizes blue and green)
  • #47 Kodak Wratten : Dark Blue (Accentuates haze & fog; adds contrast)
  • #47A Kodak Wratten : Light Blue (special effects)
  • #47B Kodak Wratten : Dark Blue (special effects)
  • #58 Kodak Wratten : Dark Green (special effects; adds detail to light foliage)
  • #61 Kodak Wratten : Dark green (Extreme lightening of foliage; great for springtime landscape images)
  • #70 Kodak Wratten : Red (Schott RG 665)
  • #74 Kodak Wratten : Dark Green
  • #85N6 Kodak Wratten : Amber (significant changes in color temperature of lighting)
  • #85N9 Kodak Wratten : Amber (significant changes in color temperature of lighting)
  • #87 Kodak Wratten : Infra Red (Schott RG 780) (Infrared filter – greater than 770nm)
  • #87C Kodak Wratten : Infrared (093, Schott RG 830) (infrared filter; filters the entire spectrum)
  • #87B Kodak Wratten : Infrared
  • #88B Kodak Wratten : Infrared
  • #89B Kodak Wratten : Infrared (infrared photos; esp aerial)
  • #90 Kodak Wratten : Dark grayish Amber (monochrome images)
  • #92 Kodak Wratten : Red
  • #96 Kodak Wratten : Dark Grayish Amber (neutralizing; controls luminance)
  • #98 Kodak Wratten : Blue
  • #99 Kodak Wratten : Green
  • #106 Kodak Wratten : Amber

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  1. April 28, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Mike, thanks for upgrading your filters actions for PSE 7. The actions produce very nice effects.


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