7 Tips to Help When You’re Stuck with Only a Prime Lens

As a photographer you must have flip-flopped back and forth between prime and zoom lenses. “Should I choose a prime today, or a zoom for its advantages?” Read more →

5 Photoshop Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

In this video tutorial from the Photoshop Training Channel, Jesús Ramirez goes over five Photoshop tips – you may not know! I have to admit I didn’t know a few of them myself. Read more →


How to Improve Your Chances of Winning a Photography Contest

My name is Andrew Suryono and I’m an amateur travel photographer. When you read the title, you may feel funny that an amateur photographer like me is writing this article. “Shouldn’t winning a photography contest be reserved only for the professionals?” you may ask. Well, speaking from my experience, the answer is no. Read more →

5 Ways to Avoid Problems and Conquer Summer Photography

I’m a big fan of summer. In fact, I dislike winter greatly, and my favorite season is spring. But summer is probably number two on my favorite season list. Summer is great because it’s not cold. But it can also be so hot that you may walk a couple steps during a hot and humid day […]

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FilterSim Lens Simulator

Split Toning Black and White Images in Lightroom

It can at times seem difficult to make our images unique, or at the very least more interesting. During our workflow we sometimes even discard photos because we feel they aren’t interesting, or that we have failed at an exposure or composition. What we often forget is that we can actually make our images stand Read more →

Glam Photo Presets for Lightroom

Simple Tips for Better Portraits

Whether you’re armed with an expensive SLR or just a smart phone camera, there is an art to taking good pictures of people. With some thought and some practice you’ll be the go-to person in your group for taking photos. Read more →


How to Convert Images to Black and White and Add a Color Tint in Photoshop

So why would you bother with black and white imagery when we live in a world full of color? There are many reasons why, but a simple answer is that a black and white image can be quite powerful. Read more →

Try This Secret Photoshop Trick for Better White Balance

Adjusting white balance can be such a pain, especially when you get it horribly wrong while shooting. When you edit your photos, you’re probably doing what any other photographer is doing: creating a curves adjustment layer and using the presets to select the black and white points. Read more →

7 Tips for Black and White Portrait Photography

Why would you choose to create black and white photographs in the era of digital cameras that are capable of accurately capturing millions upon millions of colors? Read more →

Understanding Black and White Filters in Lightroom

Shooting in black and white can be an amazingly creative way to explore new areas of photography, and help you see not only your pictures, but the world around you in a whole new light. However, unless you are shooting with black and white film Read more →