A 10 Minute Lesson to Photographing Images with More Pizzazz


Even the most seasoned photographer wants to continue to stretch their creativity. I know I do!

One simple activity you can do in your spare time is to find new ways to photograph everyday, plain things. Yup, the things you see or use every day; no models, no glamorous set-ups, no breathtaking locations. You don’t even need to do this with a fancy DSLR camera or have a significant amount of time. The lesson you learn can be achieved in 10 minutes once a week, using a $100 camera or a smart phone.

Your goal is to make something very plain look more interesting through your lens.

The Best Way to Clean Up a Photo’s Background with Photoshop

If you’re a portrait or product photographer who uses seamless white backdrops for your subjects, you might have noticed that after a few hours of shooting, your nice clean backdrop has morphed into something with smudges, footprints, and other detritus, creating a post-processing headache. Aaron Nace did some research and came up with this quick and easy way to clean up your background in Photoshop:

When a background needs touching-up, most people turn to the clone stamp tool, healing brush tool, or patch tool in Photoshop. Yet each of these methods can take a long time, and it can be hard to keep the shadows intact even with the deftest of hands.