How to Correct Skin Tones and Stylize Your Photo in Photoshop

There are million ways to edit and stylize your photos in post production. Some of the methods can be quite daunting for photographers that are new to the world of Photoshop, which is why Aaron Nace is here to show us one of the approaches he takes when editing his photos:

Adding a Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Below you will see the sample image Nace works on throughout the video. While he really likes the composition and content of the image, the color temperature and skin tones don’t sit well with him, so he walks us through how he adjusts them.

Lightroom Presets: HIPSTER [toy camera] released

Snap 2014-07-20 at 14.27.59Released today – click the link, then share to your favorite social media site, for an immediate 10% off

I’ve been tweaking these for almost a year, first in Lightroom 4 and finished in Lightroom 5, and I’m pleased to be able to finally load them to the shop!

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Tips to Improve Your Portrait Photography in No Time

This article is intended for the casual shooter who is just starting out or has been shooting for a while, but has room for improvement. Capturing portraits, especially good portraits, is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination. However, making very small changes to your shooting habits will result in immediate improvements to your portraits.

street portrait

There are some very basic things that most people simply ignore when they shoot, and these very basic things make all the difference. First, let me say this:

The difference between a photograph of a person and a portrait is the background.