Lightroom tips: how to reveal more midtone detail using the Clarity slider

In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial we show you how to reveal more texture and detail by selectively increasing midtone contrast using the Clarity slider.

Lightroom tips: how to reveal more midtone detail using the Clarity slider

01 Examine the histogram
Import midtones.dng into Lightroom and take the photo into the Develop module. In the Histogram graph, we can see that the strongest tones are the shadows, followed by weaker midtones.

7 Tips For Great Digital Photographs

Before you can begin to share photo memories with family and friends, you need to take great digital shots that are razor-sharp and crystal-clear. After all, there’s nothing quite so frustrating as when your photos of memorable events, like a graduation, wedding, or a vacation, turn out blurry or fuzzy or just plain dull.

"wedding photo" captured by Tatiana Garanina

The good news is great photos can really be a snap — if you keep in mind a few important tips. I guarantee that in no time you’ll create photo stories and share photo memories like a real pro!

7 Inspiring Tips to Improve Your Photography

Most photographers will agree that images must be made with intention. And photographer George Diebold is not exception. In his full-length video workshop, Diebold shared the thought process behind his shooting and what drives him to make his images. He also showcased some of his best images that reflected his unique style:

Many of the thoughts Diebold shared sounded random, but if you summarize them, they become like the commandments of photography:

1. Spend time making your images

Some of Diebold’s pictures appear easy stuff for someone good with Photoshop. But remember, a majority of these were made before Photoshop and thus required a lot of ingenuity, intelligent thought, and clever camera-work.

Tips & Hints to Develop Your Photography Skill

Many people are interested in photography but are unsure if they have the skills to become good at it. It is important to keep in mind that it is especially helpful to learn anything and everything possible about setting up your shot. This article will give you a few tips and hints to improve your photography skills.

pro photography

  • Understand that smiling photographs aren’t the only kind of pictures. Real stories are told when people are allowed to express themselves authentically. The most memorable photographs in history are those that tell stories and convey emotions, such as “Migrant Mother” or “Vietnam Napalm.” No matter if your pictures change someone’s life or are simply an everyday happening, the emotions should be nothing less than real.