How to Choose a Black and White Plug-In

While Lightroom and Photoshop are sophisticated, advanced Raw converters and image editing programs, there are still many things that they don’t do as well as third party applications. One of these is converting photos to black and white. Read more →


How to Make a Personalized Photo Candle

How to make a personalized photo candle in minutes—DIY style. The best thing about this project is that you might already have everything you need lying around in your home Read more →

Quick Lightroom Tip Using the Graduated Filter

What you can do using the Graduated Filter tool in Lightroom. What if you’ve maxed out your basic adjustments and want to go farther? This little tip might do the trick for you. Read more →


5 Ways to Change Your Composition For Better Photos

If there is one thing in photography that every photographer can work on, it’s composition. Like many of the other techniques in photography, your composition will improve the more you practice. Read more →


Simple Tips for Retouching Mature Skin in Photoshop

Every now and then the photographer in you is challenged by the demands of an exceptional request. Outside of the entertainment industry, most photographers don’t really need to sit down, roll up their sleeves and do extensive retouching to an image. For the most part global adjustments take care of everything. However, at times you might have to resort to… Read more →


A Guide to Black and White Conversion in Lightroom

Vintage, retro, moody, classic are all adjectives that might be used to describe black and white photographs. Read more →


7 Tips to Help When You’re Stuck with Only a Prime Lens

As a photographer you must have flip-flopped back and forth between prime and zoom lenses. “Should I choose a prime today, or a zoom for its advantages?” Read more →

5 Photoshop Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

In this video tutorial from the Photoshop Training Channel, Jesús Ramirez goes over five Photoshop tips – you may not know! I have to admit I didn’t know a few of them myself. Read more →


How to Improve Your Chances of Winning a Photography Contest

My name is Andrew Suryono and I’m an amateur travel photographer. When you read the title, you may feel funny that an amateur photographer like me is writing this article. “Shouldn’t winning a photography contest be reserved only for the professionals?” you may ask. Well, speaking from my experience, the answer is no. Read more →

5 Ways to Avoid Problems and Conquer Summer Photography

I’m a big fan of summer. In fact, I dislike winter greatly, and my favorite season is spring. But summer is probably number two on my favorite season list. Summer is great because it’s not cold. But it can also be so hot that you may walk a couple steps during a hot and humid day […]

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