Rubber Stamp it with Photoshop

Give your scrap page the rubber stamp treatment with this simple technique - you could even use it to personalize that huge stack of Holiday cards that need sending...

This tutorial will also show you how to apply text to a path to make it wrap, spiral, swirl and flow along any line you create.

Create a new document in Photoshop and, while holding , draw a circle with the Elliptical Marquee tool.

Open the Paths palette, and with your selection still active, click the "Create Work Path" icon down at the bottom. This will make your selection a path. This will work with any selection - a square, a line, an oval - whatever:

Now, still in the Paths palette, choose the Type tool from your toolbar. Move the cursor right to the edge of the path visible on your work area, and you'll see the standard Type tool icon change slightly, becoming a squiggly line - this means it will attach whatever you type to the work path you just created.

Type your text, choose your font (I chose Impact for mine), and Photoshop will snap it to the path and make it fit automatically:

You may need to tweak the font size and spacing just a bit to get the right look. Once it's how you want it, press to finalize it.

I finished off my Rubber Stamp with a bit more text in the middle (I know the different colors aren't really realistic, but I was just having fun with it). For a more realistic stamp, use just one color for all your text.

For something a bit different, import a bit of your favorite clip art and make it all a single color, or try using a Custom Shape:

Create a new layer at the very top of the layers stack, press D to reset your foreground and background colors to the default Black & White, and run the Clouds filter (Filters>Render>Clouds).

Still in your Clouds layer, add some noise.

My settings are to the right:

Finally, change the blend mode of this layer to Screen.

That's the entire effect:

I finished mine off by linking the text layers together by clicking the little link icon in the layers palette (beside the eyeball icon that turns on and off visibility) and rotated them a bit by pressing + to open the Transform tool and keeping the cursor just a bit outside the lines until it becomes a curved, two-headed arrow, and dragging: