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Since 1997, the graficalicus web & graphics workshop has been online bringing you tips, tricks, tutorials, tools and other goodies for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements. The goal has been to provide an online resource for professional, semi-professional, and amateur photographers & graphic artists.

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The best Elements utility ever created! Add-O-Matic 12 supports Photoshop Elements 11 & 12 and Lightroom 3-4-5 Available here
A completely updated set of 65 Simulated Lens Filter Actions based on the original Kodak Wratten lens / optical filters Available for order here
The Glam Photo Actions Pack contains 46 Photo Effects for Photoshop CS3+ & Elements 6-13Available for order Here
This set simulates graduated neutral density filters, and has 8 actions. They are very useful in landscape photography, or for beach or snow photos.Order here
Photo Effects Sampler for Elements, a collection of photo effects from the 5 most popular sets available in the Graffishop. Quick instant download here!

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October 3rd
Hipster [Focal Point] part of the Hipster series for Photoshop and Elements, Windows or Mac! Create tilt-shift images easily! Create selective focus or adjust depth of focus with just a click! Focal Point creates masks on a duplicate of your image a…
September 11th
The best Photoshop Elements utility ever created! This version supports Photoshop Elements 11-12 & Lightroom 4-6 ONLY!If you were looking for Add-O-Matic for Photoshop Elements 6-10, try this link Mod your Elements!Go ahead, mod it up! Get a…
September 11th
The best Photoshop Elements utility ever created! This version supports Photoshop Elements 6-10 ONLY - the version for Elements 11+ & Lightroom is here Mod your Elements! Go ahead, mod it up! Get all your Actions, Brushes, Styles, Shape…
September 3rd
There are 21 more color and black and white lo-fi vintage-style presets included here, and they all are completely re-tweakable once you've applied them to your images. With this set, you get color shifts, fading, softening, grainy and vignetted …
September 3rd
23 Lightroom presets for creating beautiful vintage, retro, colorful and Black & White film style images Read more → Hipster [Vintage I] Presets for Lightroom appeared on Graffi's Blog & Store.
September 2nd
Easily enhance your photos with PhotoLab  The 39 actions included in PhotoLab give you numerous ways to create black and white, old film, sepia-tone, soft dreamy effects, and several other photo enhancements. This updated installer will add all …
September 1st
This Glam Photo Actions Pack contains 46 Photo Effects for Photoshop CS3+ & Photoshop Elements 6-13 Read more → GlamPhoto for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements appeared on Graffi's Blog & Store.
August 31st
Updated for Elements 14 These Graduated Neutral Density Filter Photoshop Actions simulate a graduated neutral density filter, and includes 8 actions – one for each point of your image (top, top right, right, bottom right, bottom, bottom left. …
August 31st
Updated for Photoshop 14 This is a set of 65 Lens Filter Simulator Actions for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements! It has been completely updated from the earlier versions of lens simulators I've posted in my blog, and much more faithfully recreate the…
August 27th
Your Swiss Army Knife for Photoshop Elements - 64 of the most-requested tools, adjustment layers and extra horsepower from Photoshop! Read more → Handy Actions for Photoshop Elements 6-14 appeared on Graffi's Blog & Store.