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Since 1997, the graficalicus web & graphics workshop has been online bringing you tips, tricks, tutorials, tools and other goodies for Photoshop & Photoshop Elements. The goal has been to provide an online resource for professional, semi-professional, and amateur photographers & graphic artists.

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter, see some of my photography work on Flickr and 500px and check out some things I find cool on Pinterest and my blog - and friend or follow me at those places, too!

Home of the Add-O-Matic!

Graffi''s Add-O-Matic for Photoshop ElementsA simple idea a few years ago has turned into a truly remarkable utility for Photoshop Elements users. I created the Add-O-Matic as a side project to help myself get new actions into Elements quickly and easily, and in the years since its introduction, it has become the single most useful tool any Elements user can own. Thank you all!

Graffi''s Handy Actions for Photoshop ElementsGraffi''s Action Packs for Elements are based on the same internal engine, and have become equally popular for their one-click installation format into an increasingly confusing file structure within Photoshop Elements. Despite several imitators'' competition, Handy Actions is still the number 1 action pack in the Graffishop (it''s not called the "Swiss Army Knife for Elements" for nothing!). Other action packs provide options for creating B&W images, frames, glamour shots & some are just for fun.

The Graffishop, along with my Rants & Raves blog, offer numerous free and paid downloads that will enhance & add to your Photoshop & Elements installation.

Why not try out some of the freebies available, and drop me a note with any feedback, suggestions or ideas?

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April 13th
The time for bluebell photography is just around the corner. In this tutorial we explain when to take pictures of bluebells, where to find them and how to set up your camera for the best results. All images by Jeff Morgan You have to be watchful at this t…
April 12th
Andrew Bartram (WarboysSnapper) has added a photo to the pool: Impossible PX70Cool Light leak SX70 [from Graffi's That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]
April 12th
Often times shooting special events is not the most glamorous gig in photography, but when a client calls you up looking for a photographer to shoot an event, you take the job.  Sometime’s you end up somewhere great like the trading floor of th…
April 12th
Composition in nature photography comes easy to some, but many new photographers struggle to find their balance. This is especially true where wildlife is concerned. “Warming Up in the Warm Morning Sun” captured by Dennis Rademaker (Click imag…
April 11th
If you only ever get to grips with five digital camera features, make sure it’s these… All images by Chris Rutter Every camera has a plethora of different features and functions, but it can be bewildering to know which ones to use and when, s…
April 11th
High pass sharpening has been one of Photoshop’s most commonly used filters by professional photographers. But Michael Woloszynowicz noticed some problems with the traditional method—namely, an unnatural white outline and awkward lighting…
April 10th
rosemarie_mckeon has added a photo to the pool: [from Graffi's That Retro Lo-Fi Look group on Flickr]
April 10th
In digital photography, just like exposure, colors too have a triangle of their own. Color adjustment triangle The triangle of color adjustments in Lightroom. The three attributes that form the triangle are shown above, now let’s see how they affect…
April 10th
This tutorial will teach you how to easily enhance any sky in just a few steps. This is one of those invaluable tips that you’ll be using for the rest of your life. Continue to tutorial The post How to Easily Enhance Your Skies in Adobe Camera Raw …
April 10th
Sometimes the lessons are so basic, they are overlooked. This is one I feel needs to be repeated for new photographers as well as a gentle reminder for those of us with decades of shooting experience. Photography is the process of recording light. It is …
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